4 Best Scary Movies to Watch with Your Girlfriend

Watching the right scary movie with your girlfriend has its advantages. The steamy sex scenes can get her in the mood. The sudden scares can get her in your lap. While some scary movies take sex off the table for the night, others make sex a near certainty.

This October (or really, any time of the year), watch these four best scary movies with your girlfriend.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Cabin in the Woods starts off like a lot of horror movies. A group of insanely attractive college students gets together to enjoy a weekend of debauchery. Each male character has swagger and sexy hairstyles. Even the stoner character played by Fran Kranz has the type of perfectly disheveled hair that requires effort.

The first part of the movie includes sex scenes between characters played by Chris Hemsworth and Anna Hutchinson. Seriously, how much hotter do you want it to get?

The movie evolves into a mind-bender that involves a government conspiracy and ancient beings that will destroy the world unless they receive a virgin sacrifice. It also includes a lot of humor that will help you and your date mellow out between the intense monster scenes.

With all of those sexy dudes onscreen, you should schedule a signature haircut at BSG before watching this movie. You don’t want the actors to remind your date that you need an update in your style routine.

Embrace of the Vampire (1995)

If your girlfriend is bi or has even a passing interest in the sexuality of other women, then Embrace of the Vampire could get her to agree to a threesome. What’s so special about Embrace of the Vampire? A naked Alyssa Milano. One scene between Milano and a female photographer is so hot that you can find it on a lot of porn sites.

One warning, though. Other than the film’s supercharged sexual nature, it’s poorly made and kind of boring. Consider the non-sex scenes opportunities to make out with your girlfriend and tempt her into discussing Milano’s undeniable sexiness.

The Green Inferno (2013)

Eli Roth is known for making movies full of horror, blood and torture. He doesn’t disappoint with his 2013 movie, The Green Inferno.

The plot has a group of college students travel to the Amazon for a humanitarian project. Unfortunately, their plane crashes, and they get taken captive by a tribe of cannibals that considers their young flesh a delightful treat.

This is the kind of shocking movie that will make your girlfriend jump into your lap. Will the bloody scenes turn her off? That depends on the type of women you date.

The Neon Demon (2016)

BSG offers men and women several ways to keep themselves looking younger and more attractive. In Neon Demon, jealous fashion models go to more extreme lengths to stay relevant in an industry that rewards youth and unobtainable beauty.

Spoiler alert: Some of the models stay relevant by eating younger proteges and, for some reason, having sex with female corpses.

The strange, otherworldly movie by Nicolas Winding Refn is confusing at times, but it also creates a stunningly stylized version of Hollywood that feels sexy, scary and blasé at the same time.

Some of these movies probably aren’t right for your girlfriend. Again, it depends on the women you date. At least one film on this list, though, will make a great scary movie to watch with your partner. Before you settle in for date night, schedule services at BSG so you will look your best.