4 Ways to Have Sex in Public

So you want to win awards for bravery? Then having public sex is the way to go.

But what makes having sex in public so hot for a lot of women? Chalk it up to endorphins. Wendy Strgar, author of “Love That Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy,” says it is a combo of endorphins, fear and anticipation that makes it so friggin amazing.

“Since it’s so out of the ordinary, engaging in public sex will be something you remember. It’s the experience itself that’s memorable,” Wendy says.

Need to get her in the mood for something raunchy? Read some erotica together or listen to a sex podcast such as “Lip Service” by sex expert Angela Yee. Getting creative sometimes just takes a little inspiration.

Here are the best ways to go about doing the deed in a public place…

1. Have Underwater Sex

It’s erotic, it’s natural and it’s the wettest you’ll get. But beware that sex in the wrong kind of water can lead to dangerous health issues, with either your own or your woman’s urinary tract.

So how do you avoid getting unwanted organisms from the water into your body? Your best bet would be deep-end swimming pool sex, not seawater. Sneak into the rooftop pool of a posh hotel and keep your swimming pants and bikini on whilst you take her from behind. But keep the moans to a minimum 😉

You can also try using a vibe in the water, and for some ideas of the best toys, sex toy blogger Epiphora has a great list of items to gift your partner.

2. Get It On in a Movie Theater

The trick here is choosing either a really bad movie that no one wants to watch, or a really random time when no one ever goes to the theater. Then, make sure it’s not a slow, lazy drama, but an intense action or adventure flick. Even better if it’s a European erotic indie film, so the authentic sound effects will muffle your own.

We recommend positions where you both can enjoy the film while getting it on — and off. Have your woman sit on your lap and ride you while you both face the screen. It’s a position commonly known as “reverse cowgirl.” Now you know why.

3. Try an Abandoned House

“Is sex dirty? Only when it’s being done right,” said Woody Allen. And trust your girlfriend to come up with the weirdest places to do it right — right?

Abandoned, haunted houses seem to be a favorite with the ladies. But instead of saying, “F-that, you’re so weird,” how about indulging her instead? Remember those endorphins mixed with fear and the excitement of getting caught? It all comes together in a building where no one else resides anymore…except for ghosts, perhaps.

4. Always Remember the Two Rules of Caution

Rule No. One: No matter where in the world you decide to have sex in public, be mindful. In some countries and cities, “public indecency” can land you in jail, or at least with an embarrassing fine for overstepping legal boundaries.

Rule No. Two: Grooming products! Your woman may want to have public sex, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come fully prepared. If you know she’s feeling frisky, make sure you’ve properly prepared. Shave, shower and look your best. It’s sometimes the biggest turn-on. Make sure to stay in the best shape possible with daily workouts, so you will be fit for your lady.

Plus, if you want to combine oral sex, getting a shave or trim is highly recommended. When you’ve successfully completed the act, send BSG your own dispatch. Our professionally trained masters would love to hear from you.

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