Perfect gift for women

How to Buy the Perfect Gifts for Women

Are women ever rational? Do their desires always make sense? The short answer is no, and the long answer would take a lifetime of experience to expound on.

But with so many holidays and anniversaries to celebrate, the gift-shopping can be the toughest challenge you’ve ever embarked on!

It’s pretty much like Bo Derek quipped: “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

Have no fear, we’re here to help. If you’re stuck in this minefield last minute, don’t sweat it. Here’s how to choose the perfect present for a woman!

1. Don’t Be Cheap

A diamond might be a girl’s best friend, but in truth, all that matters is that she knows you parted with some well-earned cash — and enough of it to place a price of value on her heart.

And don’t be naive — most women will know exactly where you bought or ordered something, whether online, at the supermarket or at her favorite boutique. Chances are, she’s probably scouted out the market for you already, and has dropped hints here and there of what she’s wishing for. One word of advice: listen.

2. Buy Something She Wants, Not Something She Needs

If she needs something, she needs it to be perfect. Leave those types of gifts (hats, particular shoes, the perfect-sized bag) up to her to buy herself. Get her the little goodies she doesn’t actually need but would really, really like to have.

Suggestions? Jewelry, perfume, a day at the spa…definitely something Instagrammable!

3. Gift Experiences

What do you give a woman who might have everything? Something no one else can. What about a day with a personal stylist so she can indulge in the hair care she always wanted?

“I like experiences,” says Emmy Rossum. “I like cooking lessons. Sushi lessons. Because then, if you want, you can invite the person that got it for you to do it with you and share in the experience together.”

But remember, experiences don’t have to be extravagant. If you know your woman well enough to guess what would make her heart sing, it could be the fact that you planned it out and thought it through that matters most.

man in black faux fur coat holding bouquet of floweers

4. Let the Gift Make Her Think of You

Or, to put it simpler, it shouldn’t be something that reminds her of an ex, or a time she had, or a gift she got from someone else. This is your chance to gift her something unique, that only the two of you share the memory of.

That gift could be a playlist with songs both of you like, a gym membership to a place you both frequent, or an LDR app that keeps you closer together when you’re far apart. Or it could be an adventurous trip you planned together. The gift should connect you more than before, not push you further away.

5. It’s All About the Presentation

The moment you gift her that special something should be a memorable occasion! Go for a signature haircut so you can look your best when presenting your gift to her. And don’t be sloppy about your appearance! Come to the date dressed to kill.

And remember, if you need styling tips, fashion or even sex and dating advice, we’ve got it all here. Your barber can be your best friend, and trust us when we say that barbers have plenty of experience with the ladies!

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