How to Hit Your Ladies G Spot

How to Hit Your Lady’s G Spot

We all know what the G spot is: that magical spot responsible for earthshaking orgasms and third rounds. But what we’d all like to know better is how to actually get there.

The thing is, locating your lady’s G spot can be a harder challenge than assembling her new IKEA cupboard. You know that her clitoris is easy enough to find and pleasure, but all those dark, deep places? Not so easy.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to hit your lady’s G-spot and have super hot sex every time:

1. Not Every Woman Even Knows Where Her Own G Spot Is

Want to help your woman to a new discovery? It’s perfectly normal that some ladies don’t even know where their own “well of pleasure” is.

New York-based sex therapist Sari Cooper, of the Center for Love and Sex in New York City, says, “Not every woman will have a G-spot orgasm, and that’s totally normal.”

Inside your lady’s vagina, two or three inches in and upwards, you’ll feel a ridged pad of flesh. The more aroused she is, the easier to locate. It swells to a bigger size than normal. So start with some foreplay and check out our guides on the BSG dispatch.

how to hit your ladies g spot

2. It’s All in the Brain — Or At Least Some of It

Sex therapist Kerrin Bradfield reminds us that you may not find it in the same location on everyone. “[The G-spot] refers more to an area of the urethral sponge and clitoris that produces an amazing sensation when stimulated.”

But rather than getting hung up (literally) on getting there, take some time to stimulate her mind, first and foremost.

“There’s just a lot we still don’t understand about orgasms,” says, a neuroscientist who happens to study orgasms and their relation to the brain and body. His experiments show that during orgasm, a wonderful series of events actually happens in your brain.

3. Try Better Positions for Targeting the G Spot

Even though you cannot see her G-spot, you can try to pleasure her in a way that she won’t mistake feeling it. Here are a fewHow to hit your ladies g spot of the best positions for getting it right and lasting all night.

Woman on Top

The idea here is that she can control her own hips and take charge. Lie flat on your back, and have her lie on top of you. She can then stimulate both her clit and rotate her hips until the G-spot is located. Listen for the moans.

Bottoms Up

This one is for really deep penetration. Have you lady get on her forearms and raise her bottom in the air. Guide yourself (gently!) into her from behind. Use your hands to caress her breasts or stimulate her nipples. She also now has room to masturbate herself to orgasm. This is a great position for getting the blood flowing to her G-spot, and c’mon, what’s not arousing about this hot position!

Reverse Cow-Girl

Have your woman straddle you, but backwards. She is facing your legs while riding you. In this way, your penetration hits her towards the front of her body, where her G-spot may be better felt. If you bend your knees up, she can hold on to them for extra leverage — and speed!

Need more tips for hot sex tonight? Get them all here on BSG, plus ways to stay sexy for your lady. Don’t forget that grooming is a huge part of the attraction and turn-on for her.

She’ll appreciate the extra effort you made to get spruced up for date night! Try some new grooming products, a beard trim or signature haircut. Or, talk to a wardrobe stylist about new clothing choices. Then, get ready for making some amazing memories!