Jealousy Is Not Sexy, Get Over It

Let’s face it—when you feel jealous in a relationship, it really sucks. Jealousy can arise from many sources, including insecurity, past infidelities and other problems with a couple’s dynamic.
Luckily, jealousy doesn’t have to be permanent. In fact, you can easily move past your jealousy by working to manage your emotions and the way they make you feel in the moment.
Here is a helpful guide on how to get over your jealousy so that your relationship can grow, thrive, and just feel really good.

Spend Less Time on Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with the old school classmates you lost touch with. But it can also breed loneliness and insecurity. And online relationships are very easy to misconstrue.
Spend less time on social media so you’re not tempted to negatively interpret your loved one’s interaction with someone. By spending less time online and more time in person with the girl you like, you can nourish and strengthen your relationship. And you can be confident in knowing just how much she likes to spend time with you.

Talk to a Therapist

It helps to talk to a professional when you have trouble managing your negative emotions. Therapists help people recognize what they’re feeling, what the feelings mean and how they can best handle it all. A therapist can help you determine what is at the root of your feelings and how you can react in ways that are not destructive.
Therapy is a great tool for actually getting over jealous feelings and not just a way to manage your reaction in the moment. Lots of awesome influencers tout the power of therapy, like Pete Davidson, who talked about being in therapy on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.

Use Breathing Techniques

One of the worst parts about jealousy is the uncomfortable anxiety it makes you feel. Learn some deep breathing techniques to naturally calm your uncomfortable physical sensations so that you don’t react to them. Breathing techniques can naturally calm you down, giving you time to think before you react with anger or in another way that you will regret later. Also, you can learn to meditate, which helps you get better at controlling your thoughts. To learn more about meditation, check out the Instagram of Lodro Rinzler: Buddhist, author and founder of MNDFL.

Build Your Confidence

Jealousy often comes from insecurity. Work to be proud of who you are and to not feel threatened by others. Get in shape and change up your style. Throw yourself into your passions, and achieve in the way that you want to. Spend time with your friends, family, teachers and other people who see the good in you and make you feel great. When you take good care of yourself and feel really great about yourself, it’s hard for anyone to threaten or take that away from you.

Ultimately, jealousy is an unhealthy emotion that doesn’t help any relationship. So, work to get over the jealous feelings you have. Build up your confidence by taking care of yourself and doing positive things like getting a fresh look from Barber Surgeons Guild. You can learn more about relationships and how to manage your life by checking out our lifestyle magazine, Dispatch.