Why having the right scent in your shampoo can make you more desirable

We all know that our 5 senses are the motivating force behind what we perceive as desirable. Touch and sight most often take center stage as the most apparent elements to desire, but what about scent? While usually the most understated piece of the puzzle, the scent of shampoo you use can really affect the way we subliminally trigger desire. Such a subtle part of your daily routine, although hardly noticed, can make all the difference.

BSG expert Barber and Grooming Salon Manager Francesca Elizabeth says “the correct scent is absolutely necessary when the goal is to become more desirable. When it comes to having the right scent in a shampoo and conditioner, the propensity towards desirability increases massively.” We use body sprays, perfumes, colognes and body wash and all of these products have an aroma to them that lingers on our being as we live our days. This aroma whether noticeable or not, definitely contributes to the impressions we leave on the people we meet. 

How Scent Works

We sense smells through the vomeronasal organ. The stimulus of smell directly effects the limbic center of the brain, which is responsible for emotions, memory and arousal. When thinking of desire, this part of the brain is where the desire is created, activated by a scent made to stimulate us in a positive way.

As we’ve heard before pheromones are also a huge part of attraction and desire. The limbic center is also largely responsible for detecting pheromones. You could say that the scent you wear makes your pheromones olfactive. This is why the sent in perfumes and colognes can change in aroma dependent on the person wearing them and how your natural pheromones interact with the products you wear.

Shampoo Scents To Consider

Consider scents that are masculine, yet not overbearing. Look for products with notes of cedar-wood, frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, or bergamot. All of these earthy, wood fragrances bring the immediate feeling of musicality and grounded strength. Elizabeth also recommends products with essential oils that trigger desire: rose, rosewood, clary sage, patchouli, jasmine, cinnamon, cedarwood, ylang ylang, lavender, neroli, and fennel. “For men I would place the emphasis on: cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, and neroli. “ When carefully blended together these oils can make strong aromatic suggestions to the brain to activate desire.

Why Scent Matters

The scent in your shampoo can affect others beyond just the physical.

Elizabeth explains “Example; you walk down Main St. in Disney Land and they have a candy factory. They (Disney) purposely pump out the scent of vanilla through the vents.  You may not be hungry, you may not even like candy but something about that scent triggers something in your brain that you simply cannot resist. You end up stopping in for a peak…soon after you’re eating a chocolate covered pretzel!” The right scent in your shampoo can create that same effect on a person. Scents that are too strong can it stings the nostrils and give the others a headache.  Too weak, they never notice it but just right and they won’t be able to resist.

Create Your Signature Scent

The right scent can also attract the right person. The smells you like can say a lot about your personality and compatibility. If you like earthy, leather or tobacco scents, it says something about you, which may attract someone who may have the same interested or similar taste. You want your scent to be just right, so that when the perfect person gets close enough to smell your hair, it will programming a memory into their mind.  They will always think of you when they smell something similar.  They will compare you to others and associate you with cleanliness, health and happiness.

Putting care into every detail of grooming and self-care, including the scents that we wear but hardly notice, can make the difference.  Elizabeth recommends BSG products to any man seeking desirability. It smells like the wisdom and the strength that can be found in masculinity.” Shop BSG product online here.