Rise and Shine

It’s the oft-overlooked, rarely discussed, sometimes pesky (and sometimes painful) “symptom” that men deal with on occasion, or in some cases, every single morning! Nocturnal penile tumescence, otherwise known as “morning wood.” While it’s not surprising that men can and often do wake up with a hard-on (after all, studies show, guys think about sex every 15 seconds), most men just don’t make the best of the AM boner. After all, frequent morning wood can be a sign of a healthy libido, and according to Men’s Health, a healthy man should get hard three to five times throughout the night!  

So, as your friends (we here at BSG want you to feel good!), we spoke to sexologists to find out how you can make the most of it every.single.day.

Don’t Wait, Masturbate

A drawn-out, pre-urinary (yes, you heard that right, don’t get up to pee first!) masturbation session that mimics the sex you want to have (position, speed, pressure) is recommended by Dr. Eric M. Garrison, a clinical and forensic sexologist based at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, followed by a morning pee to flush things out. It also avoids those messy stains from a post-coital penis still dripping seminal fluid. “It’s great for the prostate too,” said Garrison. “But, be sure to take your time, or you’ll train yourself to be an early ejaculator!”

Use it or Lose it

Believe it or not, experts say, your penis is a “use it or lose it” type of organ. This means that the more erections you have, the “softer” your penis tissue will be.  Your penis also needs regular exercise, just like your other muscles, said that aforementioned Men’s Health article. “It’s important this happens often, because the stretchiness of your penis decreases if the smooth muscles stay contracted for too long,” the article states. That means the length of your erect penis could actually shorten over time! By the way, most morning erections only last about 30 minutes.

Grab Your Partner

This may be obvious but, a great way to work that morning wood is to have sex! Wake-up sex can be a pleasurable way to start the day for both partners. Many studies have also shown that people who engage in it are healthier and happier overall. Need more reason? You can skip cardio that day. “After an hour, men and women burn an average of 240 calories and 180 calories, respectively,” said an article on Elite Daily. That’s as much as a 30-minute jog. It’s a great reason to stay in bed just a little bit longer.