Sex toys

Sex Toys in the Bedroom?

Sex Toys in the Bedroom?

For the first 100 times or so, couples having sex don’t need anything except their bodies to keep the bedroom steamy. Over time, though, having sex with the same person starts to feel less exciting. Even if you truly love your partner, you may lose the spark that once drove you wild.

The lost spark may help explain why people don’t have as much sex as they often claim. In reality, though, you don’t need to understand the underlying reason that sex has gone from mind-blowing to so-so. You need a functional way to add more spice to your love life.

That’s where sex toys come in. If you haven’t seen the books and movies of Magnus Sullivan, then you may not know much about sex toys. A quick visit to his website,, will introduce you to beginner and advanced toys. Read on for more information about how the toys can improve your sex life.

Sex Toys


Welcome to the Wide World of Sex Toys

Sex toys come in an unbelievable array of designs. You have dildos that are meant to simulate the feeling of a penis. You have vibrators that are meant to titillate in ways that the human body cannot come close to simulating.

Most sex toys are designed for women, although there are some that work well for men.

GQ writer Sophie Saint Thomas identifies several types of sex toys in her aptly titled article “The Best Sex Toys for Couples Will Make Sex Even More Awesome.” She breaks sex toys into categories like:

  • Best for Ergonomic Reach (Doc Johnson Warming Wand iVibe)
  • Best Oral Approximation (Lelo Sona)
  • Best Stealth Vibes (Crave Vesper)
  • Best for Couples (We-Vibe Match)
  • Best for Shower Sex (Squish Vibrator)

All of these toys have one thing in common: they vibrate to cause stimulation. Some of them stimulate the clitoris. Others have designs that put them in the right position to activate the G spot.

Welcome to the Backdoor of Sex Toys

The editors at Cosmopolitan know that sex toys don’t have to stop at the vagina. For many people, toys are their introduction to anal sex.

Butt plugs, as they’re often called, also come in a huge range of designs. They vary in length, thickness, and material. Some of them have detailed textures that offer unique experiences. Others vibrate for the ultimate anal stimulation.

If you’re new to butt plugs, then you should start with “The 17 Best Butt Plugs for Beginners.” The toys mentioned in the article aren’t too big or intense to overwhelm first-timers.

Sex Toys Are Sexy Before You Even Buy ThemS

Obviously, sex toys can serve a strong role in making sex more exciting. You can use them to simulate a threesome, use them as masturbatory devices, or create more intense orgasms while having sex.

The truth, though, is that sex toys are sexy before you even buy them. In fact, choosing a sex toy is part of the fun.

Sit down with your partner to browse sex toys online. Most reputable companies have videos that show how their toys operate. Browsing gives you and your partner an opportunity to talk about what you want to add to your sex life. It can lead to steamy conversations. There’s a good chance that you’ll end up having sex before you even put a toy in your virtual shopping cart.

No matter how many sex toys you have, you still have to look good for your partner. Make sure you follow a workout plan that will keep you in good shape. You also need to schedule a signature haircut at BSG to let your partner know that you take your appearance seriously.

If you really want to step up your game, schedule a laser facial that will make your skin look fresh and young.

The right toy can rekindle a lost flame. Maintaining your good looks, however, is one of the best ways to keep your partner interested and satisfied.