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The Most Essential Products for Your Hair Care Regimen

The Most Essential Products for Your Hair Care Regimen

Get over the idea that people think you woke up looking great. Even Johnny Depp is a little rough around the eyes these days, so no one thinks you crawled out of bed with the perfect amount of stubble and hair that defies the laws of gravity. With that said, let’s admit that we need certain products to look great, and when it comes to hair care, these are the ones you can’t live without:

Shampoo and Conditioner

Did you know there’s a movement to drastically decrease the use of shampoo? While this may have some benefits, there are those who have gone more than two years without once shampooing. It’s called the “no poo” method.


Don’t do this. Make sure you invest in a great shampoo and conditioner. The dollar-store stuff won’t cut it. Barber Surgeons Guild’s HCO1 Shampoo and Conditioner are the way to go. On top of keeping you clean, hydrated and moisturized, they both help prevent hair loss.

It’s a win-win-win. And while you’re checking those out, you might as well look at some of our other products.

Dry Shampoo

The weirdo who stopped shampooing her hair for years might have gone overboard, but she’s right in the fact that overdoing it can hurt your hair. If your natural rug isn’t abundantly oily, you probably don’t need to wash it every day.

Of course, you’ll still want to look fresh and clean. You can pull this off by investing in a dry shampoo. In addition to not having to shampoo every day, you can shave a few minutes off of how late you are for work in the morning.

Hair Serum

By the age of 35, 40 percent of males experience some form of hair loss. The odds don’t sound too exciting. This is why you should also invest in a proper hair serum. The right product will leave no residue and fight against hair thinning.

You probably see where this is going…

BSG’s HCO1 Hair Serum
offers both of these advantages. After all, if you’re going to invest in hair serum, why not invest in the best? It’s a far better option than planning for robotic hair generation in the future.

Blow Dryer

You are probably envisioning ’70s Farrah hair at the mere hint of a blow dryer. First off, cut out the sexist crap. Second, thank us for recommending that you cut out the sexist crap. Because now you can snag a blow dryer without feeling weird.

The fact is that blow dryers give you more options and control over the final product of your hairstyling venture. Celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin sings the praises of a $400 model that she doesn’t even manufacture. Yes – some blow dryers are worth that. Accept this and move past it.

Texture Liniment

Liniment comes in a number of forms, and it can accomplish a variety of things. The main goal is typically to style hair, but some products do much more. If we were to come up with a totally random, completely unbiased opinion on the best product to invest in, it would probably be BSG’s HCO1 Texture Liniment.

In addition to sporting a medium hold, the liniment promotes hair growth and easily washes out. Really – no biased opinion here at all. It’s the best.

High-Quality Beard Products

If you’re wondering how to grow a manly beard, you need only ask beard connoisseur Victorio Piva. After reading even one of his interviews, you’ll understand that an awesome beard doesn’t just happen. You need beard wash, softener, a high-quality brush, oils and more.

We get it – maybe you don’t have a beard, but you should definitely consider growing one.


If texture liniment doesn’t have quite the hold you’re looking for, Barber Surgeons Guild’s HCO1 Pomade has you covered. It provides a high-hold factor in addition to having the same beneficial ingredient found in BSG’s texture liniment. If you’re into the hardcore hairstyles, a water-based pomade is the way to go.

Always Look Great

Even though we typically won’t say it out loud, guys need a variety of products to look their best. It’s okay to admit that – to yourself. But we do recommend stashing your cosmetics when you bring home that hottie you met online. If she happens to notice that you have more product than her, you might end up breaking out the lotion that you bought for non-skincare reasons. And if that happens, what was the point of that movie star hair anyway?

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