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Try This to Make ‘Summer Sex’ Even Hotter

For many men, summer creates the perfect opportunity for romance. Perhaps you want to spice up an existing relationship or you want to have a fling with someone you meet on the beach. Either way, you expect a few months of more than hot weather. You expect a few months of hot summer sex.

Follow these five tips to enjoy the hottest summer of your life.

Screw Other People

Forget the sex trends that you see online. The hottest type of summer sex is the type that you and your partner enjoy most. Susan Winter sums it up nicely when she says “No matter what your friends are doing, or what the media hypes up, the choice to indulge — or not — is always yours. That is the ultimate freedom of your sexual expression.”

Maybe you’ll get lucky and discover that your girlfriend literally wants to screw other people with you.

summer sex

Get in Better Shape

Most straight women would prefer having sex with a hot guy instead of some dude with a beer belly hanging over his belt.

You can get in better shape by exercising and eating a balanced diet. Also, make sure that your morning routine isn’t ruining your efforts. Donuts, coffee creamer and other items can undermine an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

Stay Hydrated for Hotter Summer Sex

Summer’s heat can take a toll on your body. Many times, people living in L.A. don’t even realize how dehydrated they get during the day. With the sun shining down on you for hours at a time, though, your body will lose more moisture than usual.

You will know that it’s time to start drinking more water when you feel headaches, cramps and weakness. Of course, you shouldn’t let your body get that dehydrated. Sip water throughout the day to stay healthy.

What does hydration have to do with summer sex? First off, you need to replace the moisture that you lose during sweaty sessions. Secondly, your muscles can’t perform well when you’re dehydrated. Without enough water in your system, you won’t have enough strength to satisfy one girl, let alone multiple women who expect you to get them off.

Update Your Style to Get Laid More

How long has it been since you’ve updated your style? If you’re like a lot of men, you have a look that works pretty well for you, and you don’t plan to deviate from that look.

Use this summer as an opportunity to update everything from your hair to your fashion. This advice isn’t directed solely at people who still wear man buns. It applies to everyone.

Finding a new style will make you look more attractive to potential partners. It can also reignite the passion of a long-term partner. Before you know it, you’ll feel worn out from all of the threesomes and all-nighters. Make sure you tip your stylist well after you get your signature haircut.

summer sex

Practice the Basics Before Going Advanced

The internet has warped the way that ordinary men and women view sex. Today’s online porn makes even the kinkiest pages from the Kama Sutra look lame. When you’re actually having sex, though, do you really want to find yourself in a position where you don’t know what body part belongs to whom?

Sex expert Esther Perel encourages romantic partners to get back to the basics. The missionary position and doggy style are popular because they feel so good to most people. Once you’ve spent time practicing the basics, you can try other activities for variety. You might even convince your girlfriend to let another woman join.

Just don’t think that variety is required for hot sex. Hot sex comes in all shapes, sizes and positions.

Make this a summer to remember by upping your summer sex game. Whether you want to pick up a new partner each night or you prefer bedding down with the same person for the rest of your life, you can make the next few months your personal Summer of Hot Sex.