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Advanced Medical Grooming Services

Advanced Robotic Hair Regeneration
Performed by our expert medical team using the state-of-the-art, FDA approved ARTAS Robotic System that is scientifically proven to regenerate hair using Robotic FUE (follicular unit extraction). BSG is at the forefront of this technology and includes with each procedure the most advanced regenerative medicines such as PRP and ATP to achieve extraordinary results. Virtually painless with no linear scar. Learn more.

Clinical Hair PRP Maintenance
Using advanced medical techniques, this cutting edge therapy stimulates the scalp to thicken and strengthen existing hair. Loaded with growth factors and healing properties to maintain and improve the health and appearance of your hair. Learn more.

Scalp Camo
Get fuller looking hair in less than an hour with no drugs or need for recurring treatments. Learn more.

Laser Facial
Remove fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and blemishes, while also receiving the healthy skin benefits of a facial. The highest quality and most advanced Picosecond Laser available. A much faster and more effective treatment than other facial treatments with no peeling, flaking, or downtime. Learn more.
Laser Body Contouring And Fat Removal
Using the Latest FDA approved SculpSure Laser Technology we can melt the fat cells which will naturally be removed by the body. Our device is able to safely, noninvasively, and for most, painlessly target and destroy fat cells. Unlike freezing the fat cells, we use heat, which can more effectively treat multiple areas of the body in a single session. Learn more.

Laser Hair Removal
Virtually painless, using the most advanced Vectus Laser our treatments are quicker and far more effective, requiring less sessions compared to other devices on the market. With an advanced cooling technique and larger hand piece we can treat a greater surface area in less time. Learn more.

Laser Tattoo Removal
Using the fastest Picosecond laser available with our special painless technique, you will experience quicker results with fewer treatments. Our advanced technology can treat tattoos of any color on any skin type, even tattoos resistant to removal with other lasers. Learn more.

Learn about our ongoing memberships for botox and filler for facial rejuvination. Learn more.

Grooming Services

Signature Haircut
Our Master Barbers create an exquisite precision haircut tailored to our client's style. Classic contoured grooming to reflect your best features. Includes a style consultation with scientific hair analysis. Complimentary nitro cold brew, beer and whisky bar are available with all services. Learn more.

Signature Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave
Luxurious and relaxing using only the best oils and tinctures, the finest shave you can experience. A stress relieving massage for your face and neck utilizing hot and cold towels are included throughout the process. Learn more.

Signature Haircut and Hot Towel Shave Combination
An exquisite custom tailored haircut along with our signature hot towel straight razor shave with a BSG Master Barber. This service includes a style consultation. Learn more.

Always look fresh in times you don't require a full haircut. Clipper work only to clean up your neck and edges. Learn more.

Beard Trim
Professionally trained Master Barbers will style and groom your beard or mustache. Luxurious and relaxing experience, using the best oils and tinctures. Learn more.

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