ARTAS hair transplant uses a robotic system with artificial intelligence to identify the best quality donor hair. Hair Restoration Surgeons and ARTAS Specialist then add the grafts to the newly created hair pores and enhance the site with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and ATP, which encourages new hair to grow healthy and strong.

Bald Fade Haircut

A bald fade haircut leaves some hair at the top of the head but tapers farther down the head and neck. It’s a stylish haircut for men who want the convenience of a shaved head without removing all of the hair from the top.


Balding begins when a man or woman starts losing hair. There are several treatments for balding, including topical products, medications, scalp camouflage, and hair transplants.

Barber Surgeons

Barber Surgeons were popular medical practitioners in Europe during the Middle Ages. They used their razors to do everything from cutting hair to amputating limbs. Today’s barber surgeons are a combination of specialized Surgeons and Master Barbers who work together to perform medical procedures such as laser hair removal, hair replacement and laser facials.

Beard Balms

Beard balms are conditioners that soften and moisturize beards. They’re made from a variety of materials, including beeswax, coconut oil, Shea butter, sweet almond oil and other beneficial, natural ingredients.

Beard Care

Beard care is an essential part of keeping a beard healthy and attractive. A person’s approach to beard care will vary depending on factors like length and hair type. Common products used in beard care include trimmers, razors, beard balms and beard shampoos.

Beard Grooming

Beard grooming can include a wide range of activities, such as trimming excess hair and applying products to keep the hair soft and healthy. When a beard gets out of control, a beard trim can make it look more attractive.

Beard Trims

Beard trims are similar to the trims that men get for their head hair. A beard trim often involves shaping the beard, removing excess length and applying healthful products. Regular beard trims are recommended for men who want to keep their facial hair healthy and attractive.


Beards typically include any facial hair grown on the cheeks, chin or neck. Mustaches above the upper lip, however, do not usually count as beards. Popular beard styles include full beards, medium stubble, Balbo and Dutch.

Body Contouring

Body contouring uses lasers to heat fat cells underneath the skin. The process kills fat cells, which are then eliminated from the body naturally. Body contouring works best on stubborn areas that do not respond to exercise and diet. Common treatment areas include the stomach, flanks (love handles) and chin.


Botox for men works just like it does for women. By injecting small amounts of Botox into areas with wrinkles and fine lines, doctors can reduce the signs of aging. One Botox injection can last for up to three months, but the results vary from person to person.

Buzz Cuts

Buzz cuts bring hair extremely close to the scalp. This style is usually achieved with electric clippers. Buzz cuts are popular in the military. Men with thinning hair can use the buzz cut style to diminish the signs of hair loss.


Celebrities include any noteworthy person who might get recognized in public. Some celebrities are more celebrated than others. For instance, it’s more likely that Taylor Swift will be recognized than it is for J. K. Rowling.

Comb Over

The comb over is a hairstyle used by people with thinning hair to hide their hair loss. Unfortunately, comb overs rarely work. Instead, the obvious attempt to hide hair loss makes people look less stylish. It’s better to undergo a hair replacement procedure or simply accept the hair loss.


Conditioner adds moisture to hair and scalps. Typically, people use conditioner immediately after washing their hair with shampoo. Since shampoo can strip natural oils from hair, the conditioner is necessary for most people to maintain healthy hair.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a style that includes very short hair on the side and back of the head. The hair on the top of the head is left relatively long.


Fades are the part of a hairstyle where the hair becomes shorter as it moves down the head and neck. Many types of hairstyles include fades.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is a modern take on the mohawk that was popularized by punk rockers in the 1980s. The style requires longer hair on top of the head. People with faux hawks usually apply pomade or a similar product to mold the hair upward.

Scientifically Researched Hair Products

Scientifically Researched Hair products include any item that can make your hair visibly thicker and fuller. At BSG, we include a proprietary blend of bio-active ingredients, known as Trichoanagenic Factor, in many of our products, including HCO1 Shampoo, Conditioner, styling products, and Hair Serum.

Hair Growth Serums

Many products claim that they’re hair growth serums. The product has to work, though, and many just fall short. BSG includes its trademarked Trichoanagenic Factor to many of our products. Each product in BSG’s HCO1 line is fortified with this Factor in promote the ideal scalp environment for healthy hair growth.

Shampoo Backed By Medical Research

Shampoo Backed by Medical Research contains bio-active ingredients that promote the ideal scalp environment for healthy hair growth.

Hair Loss Cures

Hair loss cures often require technology like Advanced Robotic Hair Regeneration, which uses computers to identify the best donor and implantation sites.

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss treatments can provide temporary or permanent relief from hair loss.

Hair Serum

Hair serum from BSG uses BSG’s blend of bio-active ingredients known as Trichoanagenic Factor to promote the ideal scalp environment for healthy hair growth and visibly fuller hair..

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants involve taking donor follicles and relocating them to parts of the head that have started to lose hair. Donor hair has the unique ability to keep its permanence no matter where it is moved to.


Haircuts can change your style dramatically or help you maintain your current style.

High Fade

A high fade style has a fade that begins near the top of the head.

How To Ask For A Haircut

You don’t need to know how to ask for a haircut. Just make an appointment with a skilled stylist so you can get advice from a professional.

Laser Body Contouring

Laser body contouring targets stubborn problem areas of the body that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

Laser Facials

Laser facials can tighten the skin and remove blemishes, including those left by acne, aging, or sun damage. BSG utilized advanced technology called PicoSure which does not cause any peeling.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses a laser to remove hair follicles on the body. It’s an effective way to remove hair permanently.

Laser Skin Tightening

Laser skin tightening for faces can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots and other symptoms of aging.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal uses a laser to eliminate ink under the skin without any damage to the skin itself. BSG’s advanced Picosecond Laser, called PicoSure can remove tattoos more more effectively and and with less sessions than earlier tattoo removal technologies.

Layered vs Thinned

Layered vs thinned: layered hair adds volume. Thinned hair reduces volume.

Long Hair

The definition of long hair varies between people and groups. For men, long hair usually means that the hair reaches or surpasses the eyebrows.

Low Fade

A low fade is a hairstyle with a fade that begins near the bottom of the head.

Man Bun

A man bun is an outdated hairstyle that some men still wear. It looks similar to a ponytail that has been wrapped around itself to create a bun. If you ask a good stylist for a man bun, you’ll probably get a lecture about why you don’t want a man bun.

Medium Hair

Medium hair in men usually covers the top of the ears. If it comes to the chin, then it probably counts as long hair.

Men's Hairstyles

Men’s hairstyles have evolved over the centuries, but some popular options, such as the quiff, buzz cut and pompadour, have been worn for centuries. Men’s hairstyles include hundreds of options for short, medium and long hair. Some of them, such as buzz cuts, require very little effort. Others, such as pompadours, require styling products that keep the hair in place.

Mid Fade

A mid fade is a fade style that starts about halfway down the head.


A neckline is the top of a garment, such as a shirt, that closes around your neck.

Picosure Tattoo Removal

Picosure tattoo removal uses lasers to penetrate the skin and erase the ink underneath. It’s a relatively painless process after quick numbing injections, but most tattoos require a few treatments for best results.

Platelet-rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, acts as a fertilizer that encourages hair growth. It’s used during Robotic Hair Restoration to help improve success. In addition PRP is often used as a monthly maintenance program to help prevent future hair loss.


Pomade has been a popular styling product for centuries. Today’s best pomades are water-based, but some companies still sell wax-based pomades. Without pomade, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a quiff, spiky hair or similar style.

Medically Researched Pomade

Medically Researched Pomade is a pomade that includes bio-active ingredients to create the ideal scalp environment for healthy hair grown. BSG HCO1 Pomade is falls into this catagory because it contains BSG’s Trichoanagenic Factor, which was formulated by hair restoration doctors, expert formulators, and master barbers.


The pompadour is a hairstyle that became popular in 18th-century France. It has been popularized in modern culture by celebrities like Elvis and James Dean. A good pompadour should have plenty of hair piled on top of the head, with shorter hair on the sides and back of the head.

Propecia, aka Finasteride (generic name)

Propecia, aka Finasteride (generic name), is a prescription drug used to treat male-pattern hair loss. It works by blocking DHT, a hormone metabolite known to cause hair thinning. BSG offers its own branded Finasteride on monthly membership for their clients for a very cost effective solution to maintain your hair..


PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma.” PRP injections are used during Advanced Robotic Hair Regeneration to help improve ourcomes. Essentially, it acts like a fertilizer that helps new hair grow quickly. PRP is also often performed on an ongoing membership basis to naturally maintain and thicken up hair.

Quiff Haircut

A quiff haircut involves cutting hair on the back and sides of the head while leaving hair on top of the head relatively long.

Quiff vs Pompadour

The quiff vs pompadour debate has divided men for centuries. Those outside of the argument, though, mostly notice that the pompadours are bigger than the quiffs.

R20 Laser

The R20 laser is a device used to remove tattoos. The laser penetrates to the second layer of skin to obliterate ink. Depending on the size and color of your tattoo, you may need to schedule more than one session with the R20 laser. Large tattoos with dark ink are usually the most difficult to remove.

Razor Burn

Razor burn is a kind of temporary rash often caused by shaving with an old razor, shaving too quickly, shaving without a lubricant or shaving against the grain of your hair.

Receding Hairlines

Receding hairlines occur as hair starts to fall out in a pattern. Receding hairlines are often the result of male-pattern baldness.


SculpSure uses lasers to destroy fat cells. Treatments last about 25 minutes. SculpSure works best for people who want to target specific areas, such as their flanks (love handles), bellies or chins.


Shampoo is a product developed to remove excess oil, dirt and pollutants from hair. It’s best to choose shampoos made from natural, organic ingredients to avoid hair damage.

Short Hair

The definition of short hair varies. It may apply to people with buzz cuts and fades. If your hair reaches your eyebrows, then it’s not short.

Side Part

A side part is a hairstyle that requires parting the hair on the left or right side. Men and women often combine side parts with other hairstyles.

Slick Back

A slick back style may use a product such as pomade or texture liniment to keep the hair in place. It’s often combined with aspects of other hairstyles.

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair refers to any hairstyle that includes spikes. In many cases, it's an extreme version of disheveled hair.

Straight Razor Shaving

Straight razor shaving is perhaps the manliest way to shave. The most basic version only requires a straight razor and a lubricant.

Tapered Hair

Tapered hair is usually long on the top and becomes shorter as it moves down the head.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal can refer to any process that removes tattoos. Today’s most effective technique uses lasers to remove ink. The process may require multiple appointments depending on the tattoo’s size and color.

Texture Liniment

Texture liniment is a water-based product that offers a medium amount of hold. Many men prefer texture liniment over pomade because they can easily alter their hairstyles after work.

Textured French Crop

A textured French crop hairstyle has short hair on the sides and back of the head. The hair on top of the head has a little more length so you can style it. For reliable hold, a textured French crop hairstyle needs texture liniment or pomade.

Top Knot

A top knot is basically the same thing as a man bun. If you have long hair, use it in your yoga class. Otherwise, avoid the top knot.


Undercut is a type of hairstyle primarily worn by men. It features long hair on top and very short hair on the back and sides. You can choose to part the top hair down the center or on either side.

Scalp Camo, aka Scalp Camouflage

Scalp Camo, aka Scalp Camouflage, is a special form of Scalp Micropigmentation (aka SMP) which is used to minimize the appearance of thinning hair with the application of tiny dots of pigment between your hairs and matched to your hair color. This procedure typically lasts between 5-7 years.