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What to Expect In Your Free Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Rome will discuss the options for hair restoration, based on your unique situation. The options include:

Robotic Hair Restoration

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PRP Maintenance

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Scalp Camo

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Because, when it comes to hair restoration, guys have been promised the world…

And then given sh*t on a platter.

We’re here to change that.

That’s why we start with a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

This quick talk helps us get to know you better, so we can figure out what your goals are and how we might be able to help.

By the end of the consultation, you’ll know which of our services is best for your unique situation, so you can move forward with confidence.

Keep reading to learn more about the services we provide, and how they’re different than what you might be used to.


We’ve performed thousands of ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration procedures.

The ARTAS Procedure is better than the procedures of the past, because it uses a physician-guided artificially intelligent robot to choose the best donor spots from your hair, stealthily harvest those hairs from the donor spots, and place them in the spots where your hair is thin or missing altogether.

The result?

You can get a full head of your natural hair without cutting, scarring, or extensive downtime. Here’s what one of our clients said about it.

Zach from The Try Guys gets Robotic Hair Restoration at Barber Surgeons Guild's Outpost


PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma.”

Interestingly enough, PRP isn’t just used to help stop hair loss. Athletes like Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and Kobe Bryant have used PRP injections to get back in playing shape.

This is because PRP contains a high concentration of growth factors that help heal injuries.

It also helps heal damaged hair follicles.

Here’s why that’s important:

Hair loss occurs because a testosterone breakdown product, or metabolite, called DHT practically “kills” hair follicles.

Essentially, PRP “revives” these follicles, keeping them healthy and helping to protect them from further weakening, shrinking, and dying.”

PRP is interesting because it essentially taps into the power of your own body to heal hair follicles.

And if you decide to go with PRP at Barber Surgeons Guild, we also augment our protocol with ATP and microneedling therapy to stimulate hair growth from different angles.

ATP stands for “Adenosine Triphosphate.”

It’s been called “the currency of life,” because it’s what your cells use for energy.

Since cells need it for energy, it’s the ultimate partner for PRP, giving your body the crucial fuel it needs to protect your hair’s health.


It’s easy for Scalp Camo to get a bad rap, because so many people do it poorly.

But when done correctly, Scalp Camo can be an effective way to give your hair a visibly fuller look through a quick, simple procedure.

Effective Scalp Camo procedures use tiny hair-sized dots between your hairs with a bio-compatible micro-pigmentation ink color-matched to your hair to make sure the results are natural at any hair length and even when it’s wet or in bright lights.

That way, people will notice your hair looks thicker — and you’ll be able to notice that in the mirror too — but no one will think you’ve gotten a “hair tattoo.”

They might just think you’ve changed your diet or started doing something healthier, because your hair looks thicker and fuller now.

If you’re looking for a quick, simple, cost-effective procedure to make your hair look thicker immediately after your treatment, Scalp Camo is a great option.

Zach from The Try Guys gets Scalp Camo at our Barber Surgeons Guild's Outpost


As Seen In

Who is Dr. Rome?

That’s me.

I’m Dr. Justin Rome, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Barber Surgeons Guild.

I’ve performed a vast amount of robotic hair restoration procedures on clients’ hair, eyebrows, and beards. And I’m regarded as a leader in the area of Robotic Hair Restoration. In fact, I serve as an official trainer for other surgeons looking to improve their robotic hair restoration procedures.

Before co-founding Barber Surgeons Guild and opening the Robotic Hair Restoration Center of Beverly Hills, I went through extensive training in hair restoration surgery.

After graduating from Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA, I interned at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. After that, I completed a residency at the Albert Einstein University in the Bronx, and then completed fellowships at the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery and the Orlando and Tampa Hair Restoration Centers in Florida.

Now, I lead the Barber Surgeons Guild Medical Team.

We specialize in the ARTAS robotic system for hair restoration. And we also perform advanced medical therapies like PRP injections and laser treatments, which help stimulate hair growth.

In addition to all that, I belong to the following associations:
• International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
• American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
• California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
• Leading Physicians of the World
• American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
• American College of Surgeons

So if you’re considering a procedure, talk to our team so we can help you decide if BSG is right for you.

Do all the research you want, but what I’m telling you is the reason I found Dr. Rome is I went out of my way — no one referred him to me — I went out of my way, and I did a bunch of research, and I found so many great testimonials and so many good reviews on him that I wanted to go check it out. And as soon as I did, I could FEEL the difference… I remember right away, I was just like “gosh I wish I would have found this dude earlier.”
- Jason

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