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The Hero’s Journey: Failure

I just finished a long day of work. I’m in London, England and just completed a three hour drive with my friend and colleague from Manchester, England. It was a successful workweek. I’ve been away from home for over a week this time. I live...

The Hero’s Journey: Fear

My bare feet carefully walk over the rough, rocky shore of the lake. A thick rolling cloud of fog and mist is floating off the water like a scene out of a movie. My body is shivering.  My feet and hands are numb. The breath...

The Hero’s Journey: Faith

My younger brother and I are sitting at a table with a very large, tasty looking turkey in front of us, just waiting to be destroyed.  The smell of freshly roasted turkey instantly makes my mouth water like a Pavlovian responses, uncontrollably salivating in anticipation....

The Hero’s Journey: Risk

You may see it often and others may never see it, but it happens around us everyday. If you don’t see it then you’re choosing to ignore it. Everyday people are taken advantage of, hurt, abused, bullied, threaten, mistreated, lied to, deceived or tricked by...