Bitcoin For Hair Restoration

Bitcoin For Hair Restoration Procedures

Barber Surgeons Guild® is proud to announce that it is among the first men’s grooming companies to accept Bitcoin (BTC) for advanced robotic hair regeneration. You may have heard the phrase “Bitcoin” before, but unless you’re a financial guru, you may not know the ins and outs of Bitcoin. So here’s a quick overview:


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Generally, cryptocurrencies operate independently of centralized banks. So Bitcoin can be used more easily on a peer-to-peer basis, rather than having to go through an intermediary institution. We like it because it makes payment simple.


We also like it because, after we received many requests from our patients, we took their advice and set up a system to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. We still gladly accept cash, debit, credit, and checks, but this essentially means that now you can choose to pay with BTC at BSG. Perhaps because we’re based in California, we love embracing the advances in technology happening around us, and we see this as an opportunity to serve our patients even better.


At the same time, we also realize that not everyone lives in California. So, in addition to accepting Bitcoin, we also want to make this offer to our clients: Anyone who lives outside of California or New York, and would like to travel for your procedure, we will accept your BTC, but we will also offer you video consultations and travel credits. That way, we can help you offset the expense of leaving your home in the first place. The reason underlying this announcement is to make our services more convenient for our patients. We want you to be able to pay with whatever method you prefer, and to travel to see us whenever you want.


Interested in learning more about Barber Surgeons Guild®? Contact us and ask how you can pay for your robotic hair restoration with the ARTAS® system in Bitcoin (BTC). We’ll know exactly what you’re talking about, and we’ll do whatever we can to answer your question and keep you satisfied with our services.