ARTAS X Rockstar

The story of world famous Rockstar Ryan Shuck’s hair restoration journey with Barber Surgeons Guild®. From having an FUT (strip procedure) in the past that left him with a large scar to the Robotic FUE method his second go around.

The Try Guys

Zach gets Scalp Camo® at Barber Surgeons Guild® to help make his hair look fuller and the transformation is insane in “The Try Guys: Microblading My Scalp For Balding”.

In the second part of his hair journey with Barber Surgeons Guild®, Zach undergoes a Robotic Hair Restoration procedure in “The Try Guys: I Got Surgery For My Balding”.

One year later, Zach’s official hair restoration transformation is here! See the results from his surgery that aimed to reverse balding in “The Try Guys: How I Fixed My Balding (One Year After Surgery)”.


See Mike’s Robotic Hair Restoration journey from consultation and surgery at Barber Surgeons Guild® to post-op recovery in “Ladylike: Got A Robotic Hair Transplant”.

Mike and Kristin look back on the year after his hair transplant surgery and reveal how he’s changed in “Ladylike: One Year After My Robotic Hair Transplant”.

Alex Costa
HBO's The Shop: Uninterrupted
The Shop: Season 1 Episode 1

NBA legend LeBron James, defensive end, Michael Bennett, and WNBA star, Candace Parker, on HBO®’s “The Shop: Uninterrupted”, filmed on location at Barber Surgeons Guild®, LA outpost.

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