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Scalp Camo Treatment

A Non-Surgical Solution For Men & Women

Scalp Camo® is Barber Surgeons Guild®’s innovative solution for the appearance of a fuller head of hair. This high-definition scalp micropigmentation technique is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that uses detailed micro-fine needles to apply proprietary color matched pigment the size of tiny hairs directly onto the scalp. Barber Surgeons Guild®’s Certified Scalp Camo® Artists painstakingly apply thousands of such impressions, creating the appearance of tiny hair follicles.

What Is Scalp Camo® Suited For?
Male Pattern Hair Loss
Scalp Camo Before & After Back
Female Hair Loss
Scalp Camo Before & After Back
Linear Scars
Scalp Camo Before & After
Hair Thinning
Scalp Camo Before & After

How Scalp Camo® Works

Scalp Camo® is a safe, quick, non-surgical option that has long been used by celebrities, actors, and high-profile professionals to immediately decrease apparent thinning by decreasing the contrast between scalp and hair.


Scalp Camo® is applied epidermally—that is the micro-fine needles used in the procedure do not penetrate beyond the outermost layer of skin—and can be applied to any site where hair is thinning. The crown, back and sides of the head, frontal and temple hairlines, balding spots or prior scarring from follicular unit transplant (FUT) aka Strip surgery can be quickly filled in to create the appearance of greater hair density.

The Barber Surgeons Guild® Scalp Camo® Difference

Scalp Camo® isn’t your average micropigmentation procedure. From the multitude of needle sizes, depths of penetration, color matching, and distribution rates, to the proprietary blend of medical-grade, biocompatible vegan pigments used, our technicians are fully trained and certified inBarber Surgeons Guild®’s formulaic approach to achieve the best results.


The Scalp Camo® formula consists of several shades of pigment to match the natural hair color. The pigment is painstakingly applied across thousands of impressions on the scalp between the hairs, creating the appearance thicker and fuller hair right away. Scalp Camo® often lasts between 5-10 years based on sun exposure. It can be repeated, and it does not prevent the ability to perform hair restoration in the future should that be desired.

Scalp Camo Before & After

Benefits of Scalp Camo®

  • Immediate result & appearance of added hair density
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Comfortable, & safe
  • No Downtime
  • Lasts up to 5-10 years
  • Perfect option if area is not thin enough to need restoration

What Our Clients Say

Justin, Scalp Camo® Client

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A Non-Surgical Solution For Men & Women

At Barber Surgeons Guild® we treat both men’s and women’s hair loss. Given the wide array of applications, Scalp Camo® can be ideal for men and women in early stages of hair loss or for patients seeking a non-surgical alternative to hair restoration

Restore Natural Hairline & Cover Thinning Areas with Scalp Camo®

Consult Barber Surgeons Guild®’s physicians to learn how Scalp Camo® can help improve the look of thinning areas, and give the appearance of added hair density that works immediately and lasts years to come.

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