Beard & Eyebrow Restoration

Beard Restoration

Facial hair can complement the appeal of any man. Our advanced procedures help facilitate the ability to grow out a beard or moustache of any length, breadth, or depth.


Our facial hair restoration is a 3-4 hour procedure, leading to permanent results. Our minimally invasive method uses microscopic preparation of single-haired follicular units for precision grafting. After the procedure, our patients are free to trim, grow, shave, groom, or style in any way they choose.


Barber Surgeons Guild® may be one of the only businesses that perform these hair regeneration services robotically with ARTAS® without leaving linear scarring or stitching. Our goal is to achieve an all-natural look that frames, covers, and accentuates.

Real Clients. Real Results.

Beard Restoration Before & After
Beard Restoration Before & After

Eyebrow Restoration

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques that we employ allow BSG Doctors to restore more than just the hair on your head. BSG serves all clients, and proudly offers eyebrow hair restoration services to men and women. We can recreate full and natural eyebrows that may have thinned over time. This is a safer and more effective method than tattooing, which often looks unnatural.


Barber Surgeons Guild® specializes in microscopic preparation of single-haired grafts, which is used to restore the natural look of eyebrows. This is a 3-4 hour procedure and our patients can expect no linear scarring or stiches.