Pricing Structure & Financing

We offer competitive pricing for our procedures provide you with all of the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

BSG® Services Offered

We describe our pricing structure with this phrase: “Fill-the-Area.” That means we include other services with your ARTAS® robotic harvesting procedure. These include PRP and Restorative Medicine. As many grafts as you need, no extra charge.

ARTAS Hair Restoration

Pricing for Robotic Hair Restoration is based on a zone structure where we fill in areas of concern with as many grafts as needed. In addition to our all-inclusive zone structure and unlimited grafts, we also include at no extra charge: a PRP session, ARTAS® robotic site making, a pre-procedure haircut and style consultation with one of our Master Barbers, an after-care kit for rapid healing, and all the post-procedure appointments for follow up. Learn more

PRP Maintenance

Included session with Fill-the-Area pricing structure for ARTAS® Hair Restoration.
Clinical Hair PRP Package: No contract, can cancel anytime. Receive treatment sessions for hair maintenance. Learn more

Beard Restoration

Barber Surgeons Guild® offers beard restoration to fill in thin patches in your beard. Complete beard restoration is also available. We’re proud that we’re one of the first men’s salons in the world to offer robotic beard restoration. Learn more

Eyebrow Restoration

Pricing includes custom eyebrow restoration design by our partnered eyebrow stylists to create a personalized brow shape which we use as a template for the restoration procedure. We are proud to be one of the first and select few centers in the world to offer robotic eyebrow restoration! Learn more

Exosome Therapy

The latest breakthrough in hair restoration, exosome therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that utilizes the human body’s special ability to heal itself, resulting in faster and more robust hair growth than with other non-surgical therapies. Learn more

Competitive Financing Options

We are proud to offer competitive financing options. There are no prepayment penalties, and qualified patients may be eligible for 12 months of financing with 0% down. We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and Bitcoin (BTC), as we’ve recently become a Bitcoin merchant.

Travel Allowance

Not everyone lives in Los Angeles or New York, but everyone deserves state-of-the-art hair restoration that both places offer. People who live outside of LA or NY may be eligible for a travel allowance that we’ll provide to make your dream of working with the best doctor in hair restoration a reality.

Perks, Options, & Benefits

  • Consultations, which can be done via phone or HIPPA-compliant video conferencing. We can use similar technologies for all post-operative follow-ups.
  • Excellent financing options for those who choose not to pay for their procedure in full up-front.
  • We have two outposts to select from. Our location in West Hollywood, California is adjacent to Beverly Hills and is about a 45-minute drive from LAX airport, while our second outpost is in the trendy Soho neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.
  • Our procedures start in the morning. Depending on how many zones you do, we usually end between 1-4 PM. We provide you with lunch on the day of the procedure and we put no travel restrictions on you after the procedure’s over.


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ARTAS Hair Restoration at Barber Surgeons Guild®

AT BSG You’ll always meet with a hair restoration doctor.

During your consultation a doctor will offer an in-depth look at your scalp. We may also use a scope and take a very close look at the diameter of the hair in place as well as any miniaturization that may be occurring in certain areas of your scalp. We will take pictures to address your current and future concerns and track your progress. We don’t send you out the door without answers. We truly feel this is the beginning of a partnership and will help create a solid long term plan for you.