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To Turkey or Not To Turkey

To Turkey or Not To Turkey

At Barber Surgeons Guild, we understand that choosing the right hair restoration provider is a significant decision—one that goes beyond just the surgical aspect. While the allure of low cost procedures abroad, particularly in Turkey, is understandable, it’s crucial to consider the comprehensive care, results,...

How to Choose the Best Pomade

Pomades, while not a new styling product, have made a comeback surge for good reason in recent years.  The main reason of the popularity of pomades is that they can provide a great hold without causing the sticky or crunchy feel of other high hold...

mens hairstyle

How to Choose the Best Styling Cream

Texturizing creams or liniments are unique styling products which offer a nice medium hold while keeping the hair soft and moisturized.  Some of these products have come in creams or pastes historically, but those tend to have the problem of leaving the hair greasy or...

How to Choose the Best Serum

Hair serums have become quite popular in recent years. As leave-in products applied to the scalp, they can help repair damaged hair at its root. Some serums include ingredients which can actually promote hair growth as well. Here are some categories and ingredients to look...

How To Choose The Best Conditioner

A hair conditioner by simplest definition should provide moisture back into the hair after oils are removed by a shampoo.  Quality conditioners provide additional benefits as outlined below. High quality moisturizing and hydrating of hair shafts and follicles Behentrimonium Chloride: Not only is this particular conditioning agent...

What You Should Be Looking For In Your Shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo, means it’s important to understand what you hope to get out of the process. A shampoo is a detergent with both Lipophilic (oil attracting) elements which can solubilize (extract) oil from the scalp and sweat glands, and hydrophilic (water attracting) elements...