To Turkey or Not To Turkey

To Turkey or Not To Turkey

At Barber Surgeons Guild, we understand that choosing the right hair restoration provider is a significant decision—one that goes beyond just the surgical aspect. While the allure of low cost procedures abroad, particularly in Turkey, is understandable, it’s crucial to consider the comprehensive care, results, and accountability you deserve.

Tailored Long-Term Management Over One-Time Fixes

Many clinics abroad, especially in Turkey, treat hair restoration predominantly as a one-time surgical procedure. At Barber Surgeons Guild, we believe in a comprehensive approach that extends far beyond any single treatment. We focus on long-term management that includes at its core optimizing medications to halt further hair loss, and selecting the right treatment modalities and doses, whether they be pills, topicals, or a combination. In addition, an array of restorative treatments—including Scalp Camo, Cryo-PRP, Exosomes, and of course, hair restoration surgery—are designed to address the unique needs of each individual without relying exclusively on surgery.  By prioritizing long term goals and long term results, as well as by offering a full range of medical and surgical services to treat hair loss, our goal is to provide what is really best for our patients.    In fact, many patients come to us asking for surgery, but if we are able to help them achieve their desired results without surgery, it would be in their best interest to do just that.  Depleting donor graft availability that may be useful in the future will be unnecessarily compromised with an unnecessary restoration procedure.

Detailed Planning and Quality Control

Our FUE restoration procedures begin with a personalized treatment plan, ensuring you fully understand and participate in the decision-making process.  This often takes us upwards of an hour to draw, erase, redraw, and then finally come to a solid plan together.  This is highly detailed and not to be rushed.  This is the most important step of any FUE procedure without a doubt. This contrasts sharply with the practice in large Turkish clinics, where limited or no direct medical provider involvement can compromise the quality and personalization of a procedure.

Responsible Use of Donor Hair

In Turkey, there is a tendency to exhaust donor hair in a single session, which might seem effective initially but can lead to significant complications in the future. At Barber Surgeons Guild, we are judicious in our use of donor hair, ensuring that your long-term aesthetic goals are not compromised by short-term solutions.  There are many cases where we will focus hair restoration surgery on the areas that are more advanced, and focus out other medical and non-surgical treatments on thickening up less advanced areas.  We often see patients treating all such areas in Turkey, as the goal there is to solve all issues with the one thing they are offering, hair restoration surgery.  While it may sound ideal to just restore all areas surgically and not have to worry about any medical therapies at all, this is actually counterintuitive.  Without medical therapies, the hair loss will continue and any surgical gains made will be lost in the years to come.  Sometimes it is just a couple years later.  Non-surgical treatments and medical therapies not only prevent hair loss, but also help thicken up areas.  For this reason, it is irresponsible to use donor hair surgically in areas that will respond well to non-surgical options, as the future banking of the donor hair is valuable should more hair loss still progress despite best medical efforts to hold onto.  Furthermore, in the rare case of a complication, using all the donor hair in one go will mean there is no chance to do it again, at any price.

Comprehensive Follow-up and Accountability

Post-procedure follow-up is paramount at Barber Surgeons Guild. Unlike clinics where you might feel abandoned after the procedure, we provide ongoing support to ensure the best outcomes. This is something often lacking with overseas treatments, where logistical challenges can hinder effective post-operative care, and of course the long term medical management.  Doctors abroad for instance cannot prescribe medicines in the US.

Natural Aesthetics Over Impulsive Decisions

Our expertise allows us to create hairlines that look natural and age gracefully, avoiding overly aggressive approaches that can lead to unnatural appearances as seen often from clinics in Turkey. While very low hairlines with zero degrees of recession may be desired, they are not going to look natural.  There needs to be a soft feathering of the hairline and a natural transition to the temples. Lowering the hairline too far will also deplete donor supply, leaving less, if any, graft to address future hair loss behind the hairline later in life.  Hair restoration surgery is part of an ongoing puzzle, not a permanent single solution and cure for hair loss.

Transparent Pricing Without Compromising Quality

While we can not compete with the low cost of procedures in Turkey, our pricing is very competitive and reflects the high quality and comprehensive nature of our care. We do not charge per graft, but rather focus on achieving the best results with a responsible number of grafts.  We have no incentive to use too few grafts to achieve the desired results, nor do we have any incentive to use more than necessary.

Choosing Barber Surgeons Guild means opting for long term support, quality, and results that truly meet your needs—without unnecessary risks or compromises.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to guide you through your hair restoration journey with expertise and care.

TLDR: We invite you to consider the long-term benefits and personalized care that Barber Surgeons Guild offers over the allure of lower-cost options Turkey. Your trust in us is valued, and we look forward to providing you with the highest standard of care in your hair restoration journey.