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Thick Hair

Grooming & Styling Tips for Men with Thick Hair

Whether worn long or short, hair can be kinky, curly, wavy or so straight nothing will help give it body, the possibilities on how someone can wear their hair is nearly endless. When it comes to thick hair, not every comb can handle what it...

Grooming Service

Calling All Men: Best Shampoo for Hair Loss

Thinning hair is something that most men and women will experience at some point in their lives. This invariably leaves them asking what’s the best shampoo for hair loss, and as it turns out, the answer can vary based on your particular situation. In fact,...

Best Hair Gel for Men

Best Hair Gel for Men: The Ultimate Guide

There’s a vast difference between the best hair gels for men and whatever generic brand you find on the discount aisle at Wal-Mart. While you might save a few bucks by opting for the cheap route, you should also expect everyone – from passersby to...

Best Conditioner for Men

Best Conditioner for Men who Want Fabulous Hair

Tracking down the best conditioner for men can be a daunting process, but the hair care benefits it provides are undeniable. There’s not a guy on the planet who can just ignore their locks up top and still look great. And when it comes to...

Beard Care

Beard Care: Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Mane in Check

The acceptability of facial hair has varied throughout time and culture, and even when it’s acceptable, appropriate beard care is typically required. Luckily for the manliest of men, we’re at a moment when beards signify virility, style and overall masculinity. Of course, it all comes...

15 Best Hair Products for Men in 2019

Tracking down the best hair products for men in 2019 is no easy task. These items were once overwhelmingly geared towards women, but an increased focus on guy’s hair health has created an explosion of new options. Choosing the best among all that’s available can...