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How To Style Long Hair

Cómo peinar el pelo largo a los hombres

Hairstyles may come and go, but long hair on men never seems to go out of fashion completely. Thanks to the popularity of the recent man bun and blockbusters like 'Aqua Man' and ''Game of Thrones', long locks are enjoying something of a revival right...

Styling Tips For Long Hair

Styling Tips for Guys with Long Hair

Long hair used to belong in the counter-culture. Only hippies and weirdos had hair down to or below their shoulders. Today, long hair has become more prevalent. Plenty of celebrities sport long styles that look freaking amazing on them. You can even find prominent CEOs...

Monoxidil For Men

Minoxidil for Men: Does It Work? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re losing your hair, then you know all too well how much it sucks. It can make you feel unattractive and self-conscious. It can cause stress and anxiety. You feel like you’re losing your youth and your looks. You used to walk into a...

Hottest Trends

Men’s Hairstyles 2019: Hottest Trends

Although most are fleeting, certain trends have conquered the odds and persisted. It seems the men’s hairstyles in 2019 might just pull this off. It’s not an overstatement to say it’s been a banner year for stylish guys. If you can pull off even one...

Man Bun

How to Rock the Perfect Man Bun

In January 2014, Jared Leto showed up at the Golden Globes and thrust the man bun into the mainstream. The trend has continued to grow since that point, but some people throw more shade at the style than they do at Nickelback. What’s a guy...

How to Be Cool

How to be Cool & Look Hot – A Guide for Men

Many people accept the idea that learning how to be cool takes place early in life. There’s this prevailing thought that, if you’re not cool by the time you leave high school, it’s just not going to happen. If you’ve accepted this as a fact...

Hair Putty

Hair Putty vs Wax vs Pomade – Which One Should I Use & Why?

Unless you’re rocking a shaved head these days, at least a little bit of work goes into getting your hair right. Manufacturers of hair putty, wax, and pomade are all competing for your cash, but which one is going to do your mane justice? Contrary...

Hair Plugs vs Hair Transplants

Hair Plugs vs Hair Transplants: Everything You Need to Know

Men have been in an ongoing battle against hair loss since we first walked upright. This conflict was futile for guys until technologies like hair plugs and hair transplants came along. In addition to laser treatments, medicated shampoos and scalp camouflage, these two procedures are...

Hair Products for Men

Hair Products for Men: Everything You Need to Know

Although we may show a tough external façade to the world, most guys actually do enjoy looking their best. To achieve this goal, though, you’ll need to invest in a few hair products for men. Even dudes that rock the unkempt and tousled look work...

Hair Clay

Hair Clay, Pomade, Wax, Gel or Paste? Which is Right for Me?

When it comes to choosing the best styling products for your hair, this can be more complex than many seem to think. While many products work for an array of people, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all hair care regimen. Moreover, as it...