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How to dress in your 20s

How to Dress in Your 20’s

The first decade of your adult life should be lived in style. And while it’s tricky figuring out your own original style, your 20’s are the perfect time to master your wardrobe skills.

See, you’re still young enough to experiment, and also on the verge of transformation. Making mistakes is expected, but so is having fun with it. As your income improves with your career choices, so will your budget for better outfits.

1. Find Out Which Colors Work Best on You

If you haven’t figured out your color yet, these are the best years to do so. Fashion stylists say that a good rule of thumb to follow is, wear lighter colors like whites and pastels or pale blue, if you have darker skin tones. Lighter-skinned guys can use darker colors to balance out the look. Navy or olive greens, browns and magenta hues, for example.

The way to “wear” certain colors that pop is to use them in accessories. Hats, ties, or belts can all be interchanged throughout your wardrobe, so these little bits are where you should experiment with new colors.

2. Get to Know a Good Tailor

The person who can keep you looking good for years to come is the one who has dedicated his life to this craft. With a well-fitted suit, you can look like a million bucks without having to spend it.

Need inspiration? Check out fashion blogger and men’s stylist, Denny Balmaceda. “I love being able to be the one in fully in charge. I want a suit that’s tailor-made for me and only me,” he says. ” I personally love suits that are bold without having to say too much. A suit that is both simple and breathtaking at the same time.”

3. Know the power of a well-crafted haircut

Similarly, you should also have a best friend who’s a barber! Hairstyling and shaving are time-honored arts, so best to leave those professions to the artisans.

A good barber has a memory as sharp as his razor. He remembers your scalp contours and hair complexities. And when you want to grow out your hair, he can help you start out with the right cut that won’t look awkward in the growing stages.

It’s also a great idea to stock up on your favorite hair products, and know exactly which ones work for you, which ones don’t. A great hair stylist can train you in all this. And once you’ve experienced your first signature haircut, crafted for optimal grooming and style, you’ll know what self-respect really means.

4. Think Affordable, but Timeless Pieces

Chances are, you may still be job hunting. We know it’s a budget issue when it comes to fashion wear. You can always choose clothes at low (ish) prices without compromising your sense of taste.

Fitted right, a classic leather jacket is timeless. If you can’t yet afford a shiny new one, try a vintage shop for less-priced items. Then, upgrade it the way Hollywood star Dave Franco (yes, the equally good-looking younger brother of James Franco!) does. He often wears a statement shirt or striking white button up under his leather jacket. Instant Instagram-worthiness!

Another great example of dressing at this youthful stage is Adam Gallagher of New York, who does classic tailoring perfectly. Scroll through his Instagram and you’ll see that his style is never over-the-top. The menswear blogger knows how to inspire the rest of us with a little bit of fashion sense and a whole lot of travel envy.

Need more styling tips for this transitional time of your life? We’ve got all the best ones for you on our dispatch archives. Then, have a look at our online shop for all the best men’s grooming products.