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4 Ways BSG HCO1 Shampoo is Helping Guys Attract the Ladies

4 Ways BSG HCO1 Shampoo is Helping Guys Attract the Ladies

Commercials for shampoos and body washes consistently claim that their use will have women clamoring at your feet, but when it comes to BSG’s HCO1 Shampoo, this isn’t too far from the truth.

In fact, the hydrating shampoo offered by Barber Surgeons Guild has several qualities that will appeal to many of the ladies you encounter. And in an effort to avoid the overused term “fake news,” here’s the evidence.

 BSG hco1 Shampoo

1. BSG HCO1 Shampoo is Eco-Friendly

If you show a girl one of Vlad Sokhin’s photos, her heartstrings will feel an immediate tug. This is because Vlad takes some of the most emotion-inducing images related to climate change. Why would they grab the ladies’ attention? Because they’re overtly socially conscious.

Nielsen research discovered that women are far more concerned with social awareness than men. How – you might ask – does this relate to BSG’s shampoo? Just for these reasons:

If you’re looking for a shampoo that attracts women through more than just prettying up your hair, helping to save the world with BSG’s HCO1 Shampoo isn’t a bad start.

2. Hygiene is Important

Research consistently shows that good hygiene is one of the most important traits a woman seeks in a man. There are certainly some outliers to this statistic, but honestly, do you want to attract those ladies? Luckily, BSG’s shampoo can help you in the hygiene department.

To start, the moisturizer in the shampoo will ensure your scalp doesn’t dry out. As it turns out, a dry scalp can lead to a not-so-attractive smell. It doesn’t matter how many times you hit her G-spot – if you smell like trash, she’s not going to stick around.

You’ll also get brownie points when she sees professional-grade hair products in your bathroom instead of dollar-store knockoffs. Check out a few of our other products and services at BSG for additional items that will impress that lucky lady.

3. Women Want Guys with Hair

There are undoubtedly countless women out there who love bald guys, but statistically speaking, you’re better off with hair. A dating site study found that women are five times more likely to reach out to fellas with full heads of hair.

While women might be able to overlook unwanted body hair, they love a full mane. Fortunately, BSG HCO1 Shampoo adds strength, reduces breakage fallout and makes hair look thicker. Sorry, no word on whether it makes anything else look thicker.

4. She Probably Wants Kids

Relationship expert Susan Winter will tell you that many older women don’t want to have children. While this is certainly true, the percentage of younger women who want a family has been steadily increasing. Now you’re confused, right? What could shampoo possibly have to do with this?

Well, I’ll tell you. Many shampoos contain ingredients known as parabens and phthalates. Unfortunately, studies on parabens and phthalates show that both can lead to male infertility. Guess which shampoo doesn’t contain these ingredients? That’s right – BSG’s HCO1 Shampoo.

So, a few years after finally convincing her to have that threesome, she’ll be ecstatic to know you can still put a baby in her.

Bring on the Magic

While BSG’s HCO1 Shampoo isn’t some magical love potion, it might be as close as you’ll ever get without stepping into a fairytale. Never forget that women make their decision based on the total package, but the topics mentioned above are some of the most important to get your foot in the door.

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