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4 Ways to Style your Thinning Hair

Hair loss happens to everyone. However, some men experience it earlier than others.

Not everyone expects to get thinning hair as they age. Some guys are luckier, due to genes, lifestyle, or other circumstances. Some choose to get hair transplants or other methods of hair restoration, and others simply style their hair in such a way that the thinning hair is not too obvious.

Which Style would suit your thinning hair best?

Depending on the shape of your face, here are some great styles for men with thinning hair. For best results, ask your barber which style suits your frame best.

High Fade + Thick Side Swept Hair

1. Side Swept

If you have thinner hair more on one side of your scalp than the other, try this side-swept style. Simple comb the thicker part of your hair over to the other side, and slightly back.

You may need to use a tiny dab of pomade to help your strands stay in place. Use hair product that is not oily and sticky, especially in this warm summer weather.

Image result for Centered pompadour

2. Centered Pompadour

Is your hair thinning on the sides of your scalp? If so, have your barber trim the sides of your head (often called an “extreme fade”) very closely, and then slick it back to mimic the traditional pompadour style.

You might have seen this look on celebrities or hair influencers such as CJ Lennox. (Check out his YouTube hair styling tips here.) It’s a sophisticated look that can be easily worn in a casual and a formal event and still look laid back. You do want to seem approachable to the ladies after all, right?

Image result for Messy Fringe men

3. Messy Fringe

This is another version of the bed head that stars like Johnny Depp and Sean Penn often wear. Let loose at your next party, and don’t worry about your thinning hair. Simply let your fringe loose, using a good quality mouse instead of gel or hairspray. This keeps it flexible and fun.

If you are trying to go for a full look, this adds volume both vertically and horizontally, drawing attention to all sides of your head—not just the center where you might lack a few more hair strands.

Image result for The Quick Quiff

4. The Quick Quiff

Got a strong cowlick? Use it to your advantage. This is for guys who want to show off their slightly wilder side. The best part about this look is that it can be done quickly. Try practicing at home to get it just right—or better yet, ask your personal stylist to show you exactly how a messy quaff is done.

It’s a common misconception that the variety of hairstyles for men with thinning hair are few and far between. The truth is, it all depends on how creative you are. And if you simply don’t know what the hell to do with your hair, there’s always someone you can ask.

Hair influencer Ambrosia Carey says it’s a matter of art. “ I love that color is being encouraged and celebrated in an artistic way! “ she says.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, surprise! a different combo. I also LOVE the texture and I think it’s awesome that texture is being pushed on so many platforms.”

Our barbers at BSG aren’t just hair stylists; they’re artisans. They’ve studied their craft for years, and know how to style your hair in a way that brings out your personality and character. Call us today to book an appointment, or visit our blog for more easy and stress-free styling tips.