Professional Shave Treatment

5 Benefits of a Professional Treatment Shave

If you’re like most people, a shave is something you thrush through at your bathroom sink every morning. The process of removing facial hair has become an everyday chore that many of us endure.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

A skillful shave delivered by a trained master barber can invigorate, rejuvenate and energize — leaving your skin feeling fresh and your mind feeling relaxed.

Take the Barber Surgeons Guild’s Signature Shave, for example. This unique service utilizes the best oils and tinctures to deliver an unforgettable experience. A combination of hot towels, essential oils and unrivalled expertise soothes and relieves stress — while delivering the closest possible finish.

But if you’re still not sold on the idea of a professional treatment shave, there are five very exciting benefits that will probably change your mind.



1. The Most Comfortable Shave Imaginable

The reason shaving is so uncomfortable — and often painful — for many people is because people tend to rush it. But leading male grooming author Sarah Louisa O’Looney explains why taking the time to prepare the face is so important.

“If you want a more comfortable shave do it in a hot bath or shower,” said O’Looney.

“The steam will help open up the hair follicles and soften the hair. Alternatively, a hot flannel will have a similar effect.”

Professional barbers use a combination of hot and cold flannels — applied at exactly the right time. This makes for a smooth, comforting shave that doesn’t result in the dreaded “razor burn.”

2. A Shave That Suits Your Skin

While there are some effective shaving products on the market right now, they’re aimed at the general public. Many of them aren’t tailored to the needs of your skin, so they can exacerbate skin conditions and leave you in pain afterwards.

But a master barber’s treatment shave always starts with a consultation. The barber can assess the characteristics of your skin, and tailor a shave that’s unique to you. Whether you have sensitive, dry, greasy or allergy-prone skin dictates which shaving tools and treatments are used.

3. Facial and Neck Muscles Are Relaxed


A professional treatment shave isn’t just about achieving the closest possible shave — although that’s a big part of the process. It is also about relaxing the customer, and making the process as comfortable as possible. With that in mind, a master barber begins the shave with a stress-relieving massage. This relaxes the face and loosens the follicles, paving the way for better results.

4. You’re Relaxed

Most people regard shaving as a means to an end. But in actual fact, the journey is at least as rewarding as the destination. Yes, you want a great shave and the closest finish possible, but why not enjoy a relaxing and submersive experience along the way?

Master barbers are adept at making the shaving experience soothing and refreshing. A treatment shave involves the use ofaromas, gentle techniques and a highly personalized service to soothe both the body and the mind. This is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day at work.

5. Get Expert Advice

Master barbers possess a wealth of knowledge on skincare, shaving and various grooming practices. Who better to improve your own shaving techniques than someone whose job it is to deliver comfortable and close shaves for people with every imaginable type of skin?

Experts such as Richard Sawyer know just how important grooming is, but they also understand the benefits of giving the skin a break from time to time.

“Try taking at least one day off a week from shaving,” said Sawyer.

“It really helps skin if you give it a rest and I find that when you shave next, you tend to get a super close and smoother finish.”

This is just the type of advice you get from an experienced master barber with a working knowledge of your skin. And by putting your face in the safe hands of the professionals at Barber Surgeons Guild