5 Summer Wash Bag Essentials | Barber Surgeon Guild

BSG HCO1 Edition Shampoo is just one of the must-have tools that should always be in your summer wash bag. But what are the rest?

Before you start to pack, take the advice of Frank of 2 Bag 1 World on Twitter. He says, “With every item, ask yourself why you’re taking it. Too many non-necessities and you go from packing light to packing heavy.”

For summer, you don’t need much — a few board shorts, a couple of interchangeable shoes and beach sandals, a towel, and one set of dressy wear for that fancy date you might have.

And in your summer wash bag, you can also narrow it down to the essentials. This should be a trusty wash bag with all the essential toiletries you use on an everyday basis.

Whether you splurge on a luxury Italian leather wash bag, or a simple yet practical budget one, here are the items that should never be amiss:


BSG HCO1 Edition Conditioner

1. Travel Razor Blade and Brush

When you’re traveling for the summer, it’s essential that you don’t let grooming go forgotten. Ask your barber what the best type of razor might be for you. And, ask your stylist for tips on upkeep while on the road. Who knows, they just might know some great barber shops, salons or fellow stylists to recommend in your destination.

2. Travel Shaving Cream

With a good brush and razor, don’t forget the cream! If you sport whiskers, a nice cream helps to soften and moisturize a

BSG HCO1 Edition Shampoo and Conditioner

fter being exposed to harsh sun rays. And after a night of partying, you may need to spruce up a little — or a lot!

3. Hair Pomade

Pack a good dose of HC01 Pomada for that unforgettable summer. A good-quality hair pomade can take you from day to night styles, in seconds. We stock a special type, formulated by BSG’s master barbers and expert medical team. If you have sensitive hair and skin, you’ll love this one. It’s the first ever pomade fortified with the BSG Trichoanagenic Factor, plus active ingredients to promote hair growth and health.

4. BSG HCO1 Edition Shampoo and Conditioner

Keeping your hair health in mind after swimming in salty ocean water, for example, is important. Many guys throw all to the wind (literally), and then come back home with a ton of scalp and hair issues. A good shampoo and conditioner that fits into a summer wash bag is a lifesaver.

Want to look as good as all the celebs on holiday? The BSG HCO1 Edition Shampoo keeps your scalp moisturized and hydrated, even days after the cleanse. It promotes hair growth and can prevent hair loss. Follow it up with BSG HCO1 Edition Conditioner and any more styling products you can fit.

5. Body Cleanser

When you’re on holiday, sure it’s easy to pick up body soap at any grocery store, but if you pack the type that works for your skin, you’ll be less prone to breakouts and mishaps. Choose a gentle cleanser with organic antioxidants.

We’ll leave you with a quote from Jack Maxwell, Host of Booze Traveler, on the Travel Channel:

“Don’t make too many plans. I think sometimes when it comes to travel we want to make sure we squeeze in as much as we can so we feel fulfilled. My experience has showed me that the less we plan, the more we can get off the beaten path and meet people, and then that’s when things turn out the best.”

For more essential hair products, check out our catalog on BSG. On our blog, we also share tips on where to go for that unforgettable summer adventure, and how to enjoy life like you deserve.