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Going Bald? 5 Ways to Start Growing Hair

In a perfect world, men would be able to start going bald with no repercussions. After watching Catwoman, though, we know this world is anything but perfect. It becomes harder to get jobs and – even worse – find romance. Fortunately, robotic hair restoration, pharmaceutical treatments and other methods can make your hair appear stronger than ever. The real question is which one will get you back to work and off Tinder quicker.

1. Hair Restoration Products

Some of the most effective hair restoration strategies are surgical in nature, but why jump right into those options when using the right shampoo might be enough? After all, you wouldn’t take a cannon on a rabbit hunt. Sure, the visual effect would be something to brag about, but it’s going to be a logistical nightmare.

Once you start going bald, it’s good to start using medically focused hair care products. The Champú HC01 from Barber Surgeons Guild, for instance, has a proprietary Trichoanagenic Factor, which can make your hair visibly thicker. This is in addition to its lack of parabens and sulfates – ingredients in other shampoos that can make hair loss worse.

In fact, all of BSG’s HCO1 hair products, ranging from the conditioner to pomade, contain this blend. While the other options on this list undoubtedly sound far cooler (come on, robotic hair restoration???), there’s no harm in trying the simplest solution first. Check out these products and all the ways to combat the appearance of thin hair offered by BSG!

2. Pharmaceutical Hair Options

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Popular Fellow Physician Shanny Do says that “healthcare starts with self-care,” and countless studies have shown that taking care of yourself physically and mentally can counteract going bald. If you just can’t manage to stay healthy or your hair simply isn’t responding, though, it might be time to go the pharmaceutical route.

The history of hair restoration is a long one, but the introduction of finasteride was definitely a turning point. The drug was originally used to help men with enlarged prostates, but it was soon discovered that it could treat male pattern hair loss as well. Yes – someone probably got rich off that discovery. BSG you can get your monthly finasteride mailed right to your door or pick up at the Outpost if you prefer!

Of course, you’ve probably noticed that many other products are sold with the claim they regrow hair/reverse the effect of going bald. Heck, you may have seen some behind the counter at convenience stores. Take our advice, though, and stick with the doctor-approved variety. A gas station isn’t going to solve your going bald.

3. Robotic Hair Restoration

One of the most common questions from those who are losing their scalp cover is “what is robotic hair restoration?” Why is this question so common? Because men tend to get this awesome idea of the Terminator walking in with a white doctor’s coat and performing hair restoration treatment. While it’s a fun idea, we’re hoping you already know that this won’t take place.

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Instead, doctors will prepare pores on your head to receive hair transplants that can host grafts. While it certainly sounds like traditional hair transplant procedure, this is actually where the similarities end. Doctors then use robotic technology and artificial intelligence to ensure the best grafts are harvested from your donor area.

Once the donor hairs are removed and transplanted, your journey towards hair restoration starts. There is a small healing process after the procedure, but it’s not enough to prevent you from driving home right after it’s finished. The best part is that you’ll see visually fuller hair within three months.

Of course, a metallic Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t giving you new hair, but robotic hair restoration results are just as futuristic.

4. Platelet-Rich Plasma

Having a full head of hair after going bald is enough to make you want to travel the world. If you decide to do this, you could even get your new “do” cut by famed London stylist Errol Douglas. But first you must address that pesky matter of stopping your hair from falling out, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a popular way of accomplishing this.

PRP is actually a component of your blood, and its main function is to heal and stimulate growth. Luckily, we have the technology to extract this substance right out of your blood. It is then injected painlessly into the numbed scalp to get your hair growing again. In fact, this can also be used to speed up the effects of robotic hair restoration procedures.

The whole process takes less than half an hour, and you can undergo monthly procedures to maintain what you’ve regrown. If 20 minutes of your time every month is too much to sacrifice, it sounds like you’re not too worried about hair anyway.

5. Laser Devices

It seems almost irresponsible to talk about robots helping to make your hair appear fuller without mentioning lasers, so here we are. You can actually purchase wands or helmets that use low-level lasers to stimulate hair growth. One study shows that three weekly treatments can increase hair density in six months.

However, it’s worth noting that not all of these products are as good as the others. Whether you’re trying to grow a manly beard or impress the ladies with a fast car, there are always choices to consider. Take the time to consult with the barbers and surgeons at BSG to find the best laser products on the market.

If truth be told, treatment with lasers and robots is almost enough to make a guy want to lose his hair.


Get Your Hair Restoration on Now!

Over one-third of men will start to show signs of hair loss in their thirties. You could take it like a champ and deal with the snide remarks, but why do that when you can stop hair loss altogether and get a fuller-looking head of hair?

Whether it’s robotic hair restoration, super lasers or medicated hair products, just keep in mind that you have options. Make sure you take advantage of these options; otherwise, you might end up with no hair or beautiful ladies to keep you warm at night. Need more tips on looking great? Check out the Barber Surgeons Dispatch!