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texture liniment

How to Keep a Regular Grooming and Hygiene Routine

When you were in college, you were still eating Ramen, doing No Shave November with your buddies, and washing your body with that gallon-tub of hand soap that you bought at the Dollar Tree. You were a student. You were broke. It was fine. But...

dress appropriately

3 Ways to Match Your Style to Your Body Type

Style is the man. Young people often think that finding your style amounts to a series of resolutions that you have to stick to. But the older you get, you realize that style usually chooses you, not the other way around. The car you drive, the liquor you drink,...

turkish haircut

3 Unique Shaving and Grooming Rituals from Around the World

Hairdos have morphed wildly throughout history. We all know that the man bun is a weird millennial phenomenon, but it's not nearly the oddest decision a guy has made with his follicles. For a quick history lesson on the subject, read on. 1. Ancient Egyptians GQ published an article on this very...


How Real Men Dress for Fall

If you’ve been scrolling through the BSG blog or products page, you’ve probably read up on our spring-to-summer fashion tips. But as the days shorten and the air gets brisker, you may need to retire your whole wardrobe. Gone are the shorts, the tees, the sandals, even the trips...

How to dress

3 Tips for Dressing Like a Gentleman in Your 30s

Figuring out how to dress age-appropriately is just another challenge once you hit that daunting milestone: age 30. The era of Adulting has dawned. That might not mean removing every tattoo you rocked in your 20s, and it definitely doesn’t mean resigning yourself to turning...

fishing tips

Best Fishing Techniques In Late Spring / Early Summer

If you ever wondered about your potential to survive an apocalypse, you've questioned whether your fishing techniques could keep you nourished. Because let's be honest, you probably won't be taking down any cougars with your bare hands. Unfortunately, fishing tactics that work during one season...

Road trip

The Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary

Road trips are one of those great American pastimes. From covered wagons to Easy Rider, traveling is in our national DNA. Road trips can last anywhere from a day to a year (or more), but if you want to take a shot at the Great...


Men! Everything You Need to Know About Protein

Protein - what is it good for? Protein's getting big. Worldwide, the market for powder protein is on track to swell to $45 billion (USD), nearly doubling 2016 sales of $28 billion. (1) In 2014, Hormel bought the sports nutrition giant CytoSport (which owns Muscle Milk)...