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Neograft: The Ultimate Guide for Men

Hair loss is one of the biggest insecurities that men face. True, we probably put a lot of those insecurities on ourselves, but the stats on hair loss are so eye-opening that they may cause your hair to fall out all over again: According to...

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Bosley and BSG: An Overview and Review

If you haven’t heard of the Bosley Medical Institute, Inc., you’re probably new to the world of hair restoration. Bosley touts themselves as “the world’s most trusted and experienced hair restoration expert,” and they’ve got a point. L. Lee Bosley, M.D., founded Bosley in 1974,...

laser fat removal

10 Reasons Why Every Man Who Wants Abs Needs Sculpsure

Abs. The ol' rectus abdominis muscle (if you want to get technical about it). By now, a sculpted stomach has become one of our culture’s Grecian ideals of male hotness. But torching fat off your midsection to stencil out that interlocking belt of muscle, complete...

Face Care

5 Face Care Mistakes Making You Look Older

At first glance, “face care” may seem like a term that’s been traditionally relegated to the realm of women’s cosmetics. However, guys really should be a lot more conscious of taking care of their skin. (Plus, women don’t mind the results, especially when you also pick...

7 Tips to Make Sure Your Next Haircut Rocks

Not all men's haircuts are created equal. Who hasn’t had a haircut that, when you get home and look at yourself in the mirror, you realize you could’ve employed your roommate to do the same thing with a razor and a pair of office scissors?...

How to Create the Ultimate Gentleman’s Pad

Look around you. Take an honest inventory of where you live. Are you seeing a card table, a coffee maker, an air mattress? If so, then you, sir, are probably residing in a bachelor pad. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just keep in mind that...

Military Colleges: A Manly Option for Higher Education

College has gotten crazy-expensive. An article from College Data laid out how, in 2018, enrollment for a single year at a private university cost $34,740; at a public university for in-state residents, $9,970; and for out-of-state residents at a public university, $25,620. College is a great thing...

Kickass Sunglasses You Need to be Wearing

Sunglasses are fashion staples of the summer season, but they are also convenience epitomized for people who travel for work or pleasure. Top-dollar sunglasses can hit the eye-popping $400,000 mark, but at that point, you might as well be Rafael Nadal sporting an $800,000 watch while serving match point. Down here in the non-celebrity...