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10 Reasons Why Every Man Who Wants Abs Needs Sculpsure

Abs. The ol’ rectus abdominis muscle (if you want to get technical about it). By now, a sculpted stomach has become one of our culture’s Grecian ideals of male hotness. But torching fat off your midsection to stencil out that interlocking belt of muscle, complete with “sex lines” tapering down to your waistline — for many guys, that’s damn near impossible. Many of us are too busy to work out on the reg or meal-prep food that’s actually good for you.

Plus, let’s keep it real: Images of chiseled guys flash cocksure smiles from the covers of men’s magazines in every line at the grocery store, but the reality is that most Americans are obese. All the sugar in our food, the long commute to work, the steep hours we put into our job -– it all makes getting ripped a pipe dream. Many of us are frustrated that we had a defined torso when we played basketball in high school, but 10 years later our gut sits like a basket in our lap when we work at our desk. (Like, possibly, the writer of this article.) If that’s the case for you, then maybe you need to try out Sculpsure. Here are 10 reasons why:


1. Comfort

Sculpsure is a 25-minute, non-invasive laser procedure that zaps fat cells. Initially, it was designed to target that stomach-waistline zone that puffs out like a tire. Today, the contouring technology can also seek and destroy flab on your thighs, back, face and chin. The laser burns off about 24% of fat cells in a target region, heating them up until they break down. Meanwhile, patients are kept cool so they’re comfortable under the laser. BSG also splits the treatment into three appointments to get the job done gradually, but carefully.

2. Effectiveness

As you may have figured out, when you get older, your metabolism slows. Suddenly it’s a lot more difficult to shed the pounds. Stubborn love handles take up permanent residence around our waists. The age-old ways to blast them off include cutting your carbs, reducing your stress, and tracking your progress. But when that stops working, talk to your doctor or trainer about whether surgery makes sense for you.

3. Precision

The science behind non-invasive liposuction (“laser fat removal” for all us non-smart kids) is pretty cool. The laser — short for “light amplification for stimulated emission of radiation” — was only invented in 1960. Fast-forward 60 years, and people are using lasers to destroy fat cells. Nerve endings populate the upper shelf of the skin, which is cooled in the liposuction process, while the lower layers are heated between 42 and 47 degrees, effectively offing them for good.

4. Supplement

Sophisticated as laser surgery is, though, make no mistake: Diet and exercise are the only real ways to lose weight. Most weight fluctuations occur in the pockets of “deep fat” surrounding your organs. (Sometimes referred to as “visceral” or “omental” fat.) Laser contouring sessions are considered cosmetic, zeroing in on the superficial fatty tissue near the surface of the skin. Think of them as a supplement to Diet + Exercise, not a 25-minute cure-all. Still, they’re effective as supplements, especially if you already lead a healthy lifestyle.

5. CandidacySculpsure

On that note, surgeons generally recommend that people undergo laser surgery only if they’re exercising daily and they’re following a health-conscious diet. So if you’re putting in the work to make sure you’re not just buff but also healthy, then you’re a good candidate for Sculpsure, which should help yield results. If you’re not watching what you eat and you’re lazing on the couch instead of joining a fitness club, most clinicians suggest shaking up your lifestyle before opting for surgery.

6. Safety

With that said, if you are a candidate for surgery, consult with a specialist who knows what he’s doing. Renowned body surgeons like Ashkan Gavami and Jason Diamond post their work on Instagram, so check them out to view the standards they set. With a procedure like this, you want to make sure you’re in good hands.

7. Recovery

The reason you want to make sure you’re in good hands? Because, as with any surgery, the complications associated with laser fat removal can be disconcerting. To quote one article, the risks might include “infection, skin necrosis, dimpling, lumpiness, numbness, scarring, discoloration, or sagging skin.” Does that mean you should write off body contouring altogether? No, but go into the procedure aware of the side effects and only after weighing your doctor’s and other experts’ opinions. You’d do the same if you were getting triple bypass surgery or even talking to your local tattoo artist about the day-by-day healing process after getting inked up.

8. Soreness

While you’re at it, mention to those experts and doctors that the BSG laser fat removal only takes 25 minutes and it’s supposed to have “no recovery time,” which may distinguish it from other procedures of its kind. In that case, then, it’s virtually pain-free, and there’s literally no gain.

9. Confidence

Let’s say you’ve weighed the pros and cons of laser fat removal. You’ve determined it’s the right move for you. Chances are, following the procedure, you’ll have a burst of confidence. You’ve lost all the fatty tissue that you hated to feel jiggling under your shirt every time your car hit a pothole. Now it’s gone, and your torso looks sleek and muscular. In no time at all, you’re getting up early and dressing sharp, adjusting those cuff links while you look in the mirror at a guy ready to face the world.

10. The Perks

Last, but certainly not least: The perks. Slimming down will give you confidence. Confidence will get you out there dating and meeting people. Dating and meeting people means you’re sexting like a grown man and hooking up. Best of all, you might find that your moodiness and self-doubt have vanished, and you’re ready to leave your apartment, go on a road trip this fall, and see the world.

If you’re worried about your weight, then you’re like the rest of us. Americans, as a culture, are fat. Don’t trash yourself because of it, but let’s face it: Excessive weight is a health concern. The best way to deal with it is through diet and exercise, two organic solutions that our bodies will always respond to. But if you want to be more aggressive with your weight-loss regimen, consider penciling in an appointment for a Sculpsure sess. The thing about abs is that you don’t really need to develop them, like biceps. Under the average Joe’s pizza-and-beer blubber is a muscular symmetry that Sculpsure can help unearth.