Laser Body Contouring – What is SculpSure and How Does it Work?

“What is SculpSure and how does it work?” may be a question you’ve been asking yourself. Perhaps you’ve been pumping away at the gym but would like to get faster results.

While there is no “instant” cure that we can recommend to men looking for immediate weight loss (diet and exercise should always, always be your plan A), we have done a bit of research on the topic of SculpSure and body contouring, so here’s our lowdown.

What You Should Know About SculpSure and Body Contouring

Fat-dissolving and body contouring procedures seem like the next best thing besides photoshop to give you a real profile pic that won’t disappoint your date!

There are a lot of newer innovations such as mesotherapy (Lipodissolve), which does literally dissolve fat, and Thermage (often advertised as Thermacool or Thermalift), where your friendly doc will use radiofrequency for non-surgical skin tightening.

Another popular one is LipoSonix, the technology that impressively uses an ultrasound to target and destroy those stubborn fat cells. However, many who choose this route often experience extreme pain and uncomfortable healing time.

Then there’s Sculpsure—all the rage these days, for both men and women. Probably because of the claims that you can contour your body in under 30 minutes. Seems like a sweet option, right? Especially if you have a last-minute date you don’t wanna swipe away!

Coolsculpting can often leave areas of your body numb for quite a while. It has a documented risk of paradoxical fat hyperplasia, which means fat cells can get bigger after treatment. Not exactly the end result most are hoping for.

How does it work?

NYC-based dermatologist to the stars Dr. Dennis Gross tells us how the modern method works: “SculpSure is a heat-generating laser that specifically focuses the fat layer without causing burning or redness to the overlying skin. It uses both hot and cold laser technologies to destroy the fat.”

Where should we try these cool new fat loss laser beams? “Sculpsure was initially designed to target excess fat on the abdomen, waist and flanks (love handles),” says Boston-based plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Doherty. “These areas are traditionally parts of the body that often hold onto fat cells. These areas can be stubborn and resistant to fat reduction through diet and exercise alone. This is sometimes known as “fit fat.”

But doctors caution that Sculpsure shouldn’t be the end of your weight-loss plan. You should definitely boost the results with continued diet and exercise.

Are you a good candidate for SculpSure?

Only if you are already leading a healthy lifestyle should you consider the laser-light tweaks. Eating right? Exercising? Putting in the effort to stay healthy on a regular basis? Good for you. Then, with SculpSure, you’ll definitely see results.

How long of a downtime can we expect?

The slight soreness (only when the skin surrounding is deliberately pressed) should go away after just a week. No need to take time off work (unless you really want to!), as the recovery period isn’t at all extreme. Continue with life as normal, exercising and making the most of your days.

Go on, go shopping, try on new clothes, pay a visit to your barber, have hot sex, and enjoy the new experience of being your best self!

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