How to Create the Ultimate Gentleman’s Pad

Look around you. Take an honest inventory of where you live. Are you seeing a card table, a coffee maker, an air mattress? If so, then you, sir, are probably residing in a bachelor pad. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just keep in mind that what seems like a dojo to you may not exactly scream success to the ladies who come over. No one’s asking you to change you or what makes you comfortable. But guys often find that sprucing up their place makes them feel organized and more confident, anyway. So here are some tips for turning your apartment or house into the ultimate gentleman’s pad.

1. The Focal Point

Remember in “The Big Lebowski” when Jackie Treehorn’s goons beat up the Dude and pee on his rug? That sucked, Jeff Bridges says, because “that rug really tied the room together.” That was a moment of comic genius, but also a fair point. Strategically placed, a single item can anchor the layout of a room. So pick out that item — a picture, a vase or small sculpture, or, yes, a rug. Whatever it is, make sure that you love it and it sums up what you’re about. Then let it guide you toward other items that you decorate around it.

2. Bach Pad Swag

Just because you’re decorating doesn’t mean everything has to be bright and sparkly. Your bach pad can still be your dojo; just revamp it a bit. Consult the good folks over at Traditional Home, who can offer expert tips on how to make handsome rooms with masculine vibes. (Think dark hues, no clutter and that modern, clean look.) Take some time to adultify your bedroom. That means no dirty laundry left out and no plaid, college-esque bedding. And invest in a nice bed. Few things are quite as disappointing to women as a dude who offers them a single bed and one flat pillow.

3. The Bathroom

This will be a direct quote from your wife one day: “Keep the fucking bathroom clean, honey.” Many women treat bathrooms like their spa, so they know a good one when they see one. At minimum, make sure your bathroom is tidy and that it always has TP, soap and a hand towel available. Now that you’re adulting, it’s probably also time to stock up on quality shampoo or pomade. And if you find yourself on the go, get a wash bag that can store all your other toiletry essentials.

4. The Bar

Now that you’ve got the basics down, have fun with the rest of the space. Set aside a nook to be your bar area. No need to install granite countertops or a wine cellar. Just a couple of glasses and a few liquor bottles on a tray will add urbanity to the decor. Want to take it up a notch? Get some barware. (Shakers, jiggers, bottle openers.) Then master the standards. Chances are, your guests won’t protest to being served a martini, an Old Fashioned, a Tom Collins or perhaps a go-to specialty all your own.

You love your place, and we get it — it’s your dojo. But you can still preserve its simplicity and masculinity. Just check out the BSG blog or services page for tips on how to upgrade it from a bachelor lair into a bona fide gentleman’s hangout.