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Best Fishing Techniques In Late Spring / Early Summer

If you ever wondered about your potential to survive an apocalypse, you’ve questioned whether your fishing techniques could keep you nourished. Because let’s be honest, you probably won’t be taking down any cougars with your bare hands. Unfortunately, fishing tactics that work during one season might not work the next. With that in mind, here are some of the best fishing techniques for late spring and early summer.


Know where the baitfish hang out

The local store isn’t the only place to find the minnows, anchovies and shad you use for bait. As if you didn’t know, they come from the same waters as other fish. Professional angler and Elite Series member Justin Lucas says finding baitfish in a body of water is the most important factor in snagging the big catch.

Like humans, baitfish hang out in different places at different times. When it’s bright and starting to warm up outside, the fish favor humps or drop-offs where the temperature is lower. Fish may not get sweaty in their nether regions like we do, but they still don’t like burning up.

Use the right lures

If you look at your own history, you’ll see behaviors that remain constant over time. The type of girl you flirt with in a bar during the winter, for instance, is probably the same type you seek out when you’re prowling in the summer. But fish change their behavior dramatically based on the season.

This means you’ll need to know the appropriate lures to use in each season. Getting this right is essential to bringing home more fish and living up to the “new athlete” concept that many aim for. When it comes to bass, for instance, jerkbaits and jigs work best during the spring prespawn phase. The spawn phase makes a catch more difficult, but you can do it with a finesse jig.

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Get the conditions right

Even if you find the most off-the-radar L.A. beach fishing spots, a simple lack of human activity doesn’t guarantee success. You’ve got to be smarter than that! The conditions are what really matter. During spawn season for bass, for instance, clear water means they’ll be deeper while murky water points to shallower catches.

When it’s warming up outside, it’s best to fish during cool conditions. This means early morning and late evening. When going for trout, head out when the bugs are most active. If you’re not getting many bites, though, don’t have a hissy fit . Fishing extraordinaire Shaye Baker says even the best fishermen are happy if they manage three good bites.

Change things up

No matter how many “best of” tips you follow, fish will sometimes be finicky. When this occurs, some of the best professionals change things up. For instance, most anglers cast from deep water to shallower tides. This will put you further away from people who could notice the unruly mess that comes along with growing a great beard, but it won’t help you catch fish.

Instead of sticking to something that’s not working, change things up. Head to shallow water and cast for the deep. Doing so will keep your lures near the bottom and create a noticeably different environment for the fish you’re seeking.

Become an amazing fisherman

Knowing the right fishing techniques for late spring and early summer could literally save your life. If we’re being completely honest, though, it’ll probably just help you stay occupied while drinking beer on the dock. Make sure you’re fully prepared with water and sunscreen while out in the sun. For more tips on having fun and looking great during the summer, check out our men’s lifestyle blog at Barber Surgeons Guild.