How to grow a manly beard

How to Grow a Manly Beard

Whether it’s No-Shave November or simply time for a new look, every man eventually contemplates growing a beard. The simple act of putting down the razor can change someone’s entire appearance. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to merely let your facial hair grow wild. Knowing how to grow a manly beard is far different than simply growing a beard. Fortunately, there are a few surefire ways of pulling this off.

How to grow a manly beard

Show a Little Fortitude

Growing a manly beard isn’t as simple as it might sound. This is why many guys visit beard maintenance professionals to get their signature look. Before you even consider this, though, you have to learn the real meaning of “patience.”

The itchiness, patchiness and out-of-control scruff of a fledgling beard can take a toll on a guy. Even with this being the case, you need to let it grow out before attempting any style. Most men need at least four weeks of growth before sculpting their beard is even possible.

You better believe that you’re going to look unkempt at times. In the end, though, your patience will pay off.

Invest in Beard Maintenance Products

If you’ve seen someone who obviously knows how to grow a manly beard, you can rest assured that it didn’t just come out that way. Anyone with a great beard will tell you that proper maintenance requires the use of ceGrow a manly beardrtain products. Beard connoisseur Brock O’Hurn said, “Without the help of quality products, it just doesn’t grow or lay correctly” when GQ asked him about his manly facial hair.

It’s important to note that your beard is unique, so picking the right products is vital. Contact us today to set up a consultation with a master barber for guidance on beard styles and the appropriate products for your facial hair’s health.

Crank Up that Testosterone

Testosterone is an important component to hair growth. If you have low levels in your body, it can affect your entire hair care regimen. Yes – this includes your beard. Before you go out to purchase supplements promoted with shady marketing tactics, though, there are natural ways to accomplish this.

  • Exercise frequently.
  • Get plenty of sun or take Vitamin D supplements.
  • Get a full night’s sleep.
  • Reduce alcohol intake.

In addition to growing a better beard, these tips will help you stay healthy and in shape. Honestly, what’s more manly than that?

Focus on the Big Picture

If you’re looking for information on how to grow a manly beard, it means you’re striving for an overall manly appearance. This means picking the right clothes, accessories and even hair style. While this won’t help your beard grow faster, Josh Mario John has proven time and again that the perfect beard is only accomplished when the full picture comes together.

Whether you’re figuring out the manly way to dress in your 20s or simply trying to find the hairstyle and sunglasses that match your beard perfectly, you have to focus on your overall appearance. After all, a great beard is nothing without a great man to support it.

Get Your Manly Beard Started

If you’ve always wondered how to grow a manly beard, these tips will get you going in the right direction. Keep in mind that no two beards are alike, and what makes one gentleman look great may not work for another. This is why we suggest letting a pro handle your beard maintenance. Check out the beard trimming services, along with our other offerings, at Barber Surgeons Guild today to see how we can help you reach the manly appearance every guy strives for.