BSG Ingredients: Keravis

While very resilient, hair can be damaged in a a number of ways including excessive heat and over processing with chemicals such as bleach or dye. Healthy hair can be stretched to 150% of it’s original length, and rebound without a problem. Damaged, dry hair is prone to breakage and split ends.

Signs of damaged hair include rough texture, becoming spongy or matted when wet, and dry, brittle ends. The unique chemical composition of keravis enables it to penetrate the hair cuticle, building strength from within, while providing film forming effects to reinforce, lubricate, and protect the surface of the hair.

Keravis is a multifaceted vegetarian protein complex designed to deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits. The unique chemical structure of this ingredient allows it to work both on the interior and exterior of the hair shaft. Some aspects of Keravis penetrate deep into hair strands and fortify the strand from the inside. Other benefits of keravis are the film forming effects in which hair is lubricated, reinforced, and the cuticle surface is protected. The immediate effects of Keravis are perceivable to the eye, even within one use of the product. Split ends of hair lay smoother, aligning better with the other fibers of hair, and the protected cuticle shines more.

It has been shown in conditioner tests to strengthen damaged, bleach-processed hair up to 175% more than hair that had been conditioned without Keravis. Hair strength is measured by:

Tensile Strength– how far something can be bent without breaking. This is especially important for men with longer hair who use hair elastics as the hair is often bent at a sharp angle within the elastic, particularly if the elastic is securing hair tightly next to the head in order to achieve the style.

Bending modulus – similar to tensile strength, however measures materials that vary in makeup. This is an important measurement particularly in cases of very damaged hair.

Cuticle abrasion – the cuticle of hair is the outermost part of hair formed from keratinized cells and acts as a protective barrier for center of hair and is the most important aspect in shine.

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