Hipster Hotel

Cool Hipster Hotels You Need to Check Out

There are over 50,000 hotels in America, but let’s be real, only a minority of them can be referred to as hipster. Of course, the hipster in you probably loves this fact.

From the decor to live music offerings, each of these hotels offer something that makes them stand out. Even indoor bars can add to the hipster vibe. Please, though, avoid getting drunk and passing out in the lobby. Don’t be that guy.

Hipster hotel

Ace Hotels (Several Locations)

The first Ace Hotel opened its doors in 1999 in the hipster paradise of Seattle. Since then, locations have sprouted up in Portland, New York City, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Each spot has its own unique style. The NYC location, for instance, harkens back to industrial salvage. Los Angeles? It’s in a historic movie studio.

Let’s focus on L.A. to avoid writing five different hipster hotel reviews for one company. The location features social hours, amezzanine for meeting new folks and even a theater with frequent events.

Some of L.A.’s most infamous spots are nearby, and Johnny Vampotna’s studio, Thunderbird Tattoo, is just a 10-minute Uber ride away. You know, in case you want some ink done by one of the most respected L.A. artists. It might be one of the few tats you never consider having laser removed.

The Standard (Several Locations)

Like Ace Hotels, The Standard has multiple locations. These include spots in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City. The California hotel was its first opening back in 1998, and it was hipster before we even knew that hipster was a thing. It literally has shag carpeting from the floor to the ceiling.

The Miami location has mud baths – clothing optional – but it’s the original that holds the most hipster-ish appeal. Located in an old oil company building, the L.A. locale offers a trendy restaurant, ping-pong club and fire pit.

Of course, you’ll want the best straight razor shave before showing your face in this place. Luckily, Barber Surgeons Guild is just a six-minute ride away. Check out BSG’s offerings or just come visit!

ACME Hotel (Chicago)

If anyone ever earned the title of “Hipster Expert,” it would be travel blogger Adam Groffman, and one of his favorite hipster lodgings is ACME Hotel. The rooms in this Chicago mainstay have beautiful views of downtown Chi-town, a hidden craft cocktail lounge and even instructions on consuming a deep-dish pizza right in the room.

The hotel’s tagline is “Do Your Thing,” and with a basement jacuzzi to meet new people, playground-modeled gym and onsite laundry rooms to save a few bucks, that’s exactly what ACME Motel offers. On top of 100-MB Wi-Fi and Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin systems, of course.

Wythe Hotel (Brooklyn, NY)

Known as the “Original Brooklyn Hotel” and housed in a 117-year-old factory building, Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel is a hipster force to be reckoned with. A rooftop bar, view of Manhattan’s skyline and the trendy Reynard restaurant are all part of this hip spot’s appeal.

After having some of the best cocktails in the world atop the roof, you can take a soothing bath (this doesn’t affect your manliness; if it does, we won’t tell) with eco-friendly products or relax on the locally-sourced artisanal furniture. Walking tours, in-house social events and rustically hip rooms take the hipster appeal to a whole new level.

Today, Hipster Hotel – Tomorrow, The World

There are certainly hipster-ish hotels out there that weren’t included on this list, but considering we did all the research for you, show a little appreciation! Whether they’re small chains or individual properties, these locations will give you the best hipster experience money can buy.

If you really want to make a splash while traveling, check out The Dispatch over at Barber Surgeons Guild for tips on what to wear, getting your beard just right and anything else that helps you pull off the hipster vibe.