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Everything Men Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Hearing television infomercials about laser hair removal likely takes you back to a previous time in life. Maybe it reminds you of just how badass you felt when you had to start shaving. Of course, that intrigue was gone within a few years when daily shaving became nothing more than a hassle. Thenhair started growing everywhere else. Fortunately, laser hair removal can take care of this issue for you, but there are a few things you should know before diving in headfirst.

Not All Laser Hair Removal Is Created Equally

There are plenty of ways to get rid of unwanted hair, and while laser hair removal is one of the most popular, not all these procedures are the same. Some techniques can cause pain and take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete an area the size of your back.

Seriously — do your homework. BSG’s laser hair removal uses the latest technology that can have you in and out in around 10 minutes. The technique’s Advanced Contact Cooling also ensures you’ll be comfortable. Take a look at Barber Surgeons Guild’s services to learn more about the process.

There’s Prep Work Involved

It would be great if you could sign up for laser hair removal and never have to think about it again. Slow your roll, though, because there’s a little prep work involved. First off, getting a tan before the procedure can cause discoloring, so no visiting off-the-radar beaches in LA for a while.

You should also completely skip your skin care products the day of your treatment. Additionally, make sure you dodge light-sensitive medications prior to your laser hair removal. Yes, this includes that amazing Accutane that’s been knocking zits off your face. Get over it for now.

It’s Not a One-Stop Shop

Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk in for one laser hair removal treatment, get the docs to blast that grizzly bear back hair you have with light and then be done with it? Well go ahead and get that out of your head, because there’s more than one treatment involved.

Every laser hair removal process will need multiple treatments. BSG’s procedure minimizes the number of office visits you need, though, and you’ll see results after the first treatment.

Complexion Could Be an Issue

Cintia Dicker is a ravishing model known for her fair complexion and red hair. If you share her lavish hair color, though, you could run into problems with laser hair removal. Red and other light-color hairs are unable to absorb light as well as darker colors.

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though, so wipe those tears away from your face. Geez man, people are watching. Speak with the professionals at Barber Surgeons Guild to see if you’re a proper candidate and what alternatives may be available.

It’s Not Always About Too Much Hair

If you wonder how to know if a girl is into you, just wait until you start going bald and see if she sticks around. What you may discover when losing your hair, though, is that it’s not a consistent and neat process. You may start losing hair in some spots and not others.

Justin Hopwood is one of the most popular male models out there, and when he started losing his hair, it simply made him look more distinguished. For those of us who aren’t that badass, though, laser hair removal can remove stubborn patches that are causing your hair loss to look ragged.

Laser hair removal

If you’ve got body hair that makes you want to rip out … your hair … laser hair removal is probably just right for you. You might’ve heard that this procedure is only for women, but heck, we’ve also been told that the earth is flat here lately. And in both instances, these claims are coming from people with more hair than brains. If you want to learn more about laser hair removal and how to look great, check out our BSG Dispatch for more articles!