Follow These 6 Regular-Guy Instagrams For On-Trend Men’s Style Ideas

Even well-dressed gents can use a little style-spiration from time to time – despite that you already make this shit look gooood – so here are six regular guys just like us who are Instagramming for their life and looking fantastic AF while they do it.


Forget what you heard: Clothes do not make the man. At least not on Kelvin Davis. As a stockier guy, he’s not afraid to play around with patterns and prints – like the Pac-Man-printed blazer he sported above cuffed dark denim (peep his IG for the photo) – and his look is always fitted to complement his curvier build. The latter immediately establishes his confidence – fashion’s sole purpose, in my opinion – because he’s unwilling to let his thickness relegate him to baggy duds that don’t do any body a bit of good. Kelvin – author of the book Notoriously Dapper: How to Be a Modern Gentleman with Manners, Style and Body Confidence – has modeled for Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and American Eagle.

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Do you know why a lot of male models on retail websites have no heads? It’s because looking at another man’s face – a virtually flawless one at that – has negative effects on male consumers. That’s not just conjecture, either; it’s scientifically proven that we’re less likely to buy products on head-to-toe models than we are apparel on headless dudes – and Chris Mehan totally gets it. In fact, there’s not a single photo of his head in the thousands of pics he’s posted to his profile. He shows off his classic style (lots of khaki, denim, plaids, and sweaters) from the neck down, with every piece accentuating his fit physique. The young-pro-next-door looks are preppy, accessible, and, sure, a tad basic, but it’s attire that anyone can see themselves in without much difficulty.

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If dressing up (or dressing down while still looking dressed up) is your M.O., you’ll glean a few ideas from layers-lover Taylor Camp – whose blazer and cardigan collection would’ve rivaled that of Mr. Rogers – as he navigates the cross-section of Mad Men-esque style and sophisticated grooming. You’ll get a kick out of the ties, too.

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I’m not 100% on who I want to be when I grow up yet, but silver fox Eric Rutherford is making a believer out of me that men only get better with age. His photogenic face and hair aside, the lightly weathered model looks spruce in just about everything he puts on – from plain white tees and joggers to faux-fur bombers and double-breasted pea coats. And don’t even get me started on his Fair-isle sweater game; side-by-side, he makes me look like a Muppet when I put mine on. But at least now I have #goals.

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As evidenced by his IG photos, avid traveler Tobias’ upscale street style – he’s not afraid to go brand-heavy in Vans, Tommy, or Calvin Klein – transitions not only from day to night but from coast to coast, continent to continent. Doesn’t matter what he’s wearing; he consistently looks comfortable, at home in his own skin, and dressed appropriately for where he’s at in the world. An ideal muse for guys who like to marry athleisure wear with designer pieces ripped from the pages of GQ.

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It’s not just the youngins who put their best foot forward when coming out of the closet – proverbially, at least. Mature men put just as much time and effort (if not more) into their own presentation. Take D.C.-based lifestyle blogger Barnette Holston, for instance, who, despite dressing his age (you’ll have to guess what that is because I’m no narc) still manages to exude a youthfulness that makes all of his ensembs credible but fun. Guy’s not afraid of a busy bow tie, either – a hard feat for anyone to pull off – and that just makes you want to tip your hat inside.

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