How a Laser Facial Can Change Your Life

How a Laser Facial Can Change Your Life

Getting a laser facial offers some obvious benefits. By getting regular Pico laser facials, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun spots, pigmentation changes, and wrinkles, improve your skin’s elasticity, and give you an even complexion.

A laser facial, in other words, is like getting a chemical peel without worrying about pain and recovery time.

Other than the obvious benefits, laser facials can affect your life positively. Many men notice that their lives change in the following three ways after getting Pico laser facials.

A Pico Laser Facial Can Give You More Confidence


When you feel better about your appearance, you automatically gain confidence in yourself. In an interview with Kimberly Seltzer, Adam LaDolce, a popular author, public speaker, and dating expert emphasizes the importance of feeling confident.

During the interview, Kim and Adam talk about different ways to build confidence. They agree that reaching goals usually makes people feel more confident.

If your goal is to improve the health and appearance of your skin, then Pico laser facials will definitely make you a more confident person.

A Laser Facial Can Help You Attract More Romantic Partners

Looking good and exuding confidence means that you will attract more romatic partners. Of course, women look for a lot of features in potential partners. According to Erica Gordon, a writer for The Babe Report and other publications, confidence sits near the top of the list.

Gordon says that women like confident men because:

  • They know how to make decisions instead of wasting time.
  • Directness prevents unnecessary stress in relationships.
  • They tend to have successful careers.

Many men also find these characteristics attractive.

You can do a lot of things to improve your confidence. Getting in better shape, reaching a difficult goal, and earning a degree can give you more confidence.

When you need a quick boost, though, you can’t deny the positive effect of looking better. Since a Pico laser facial at BSG only takes 20 minutes and doesn’t require any downtime, it’s the perfect option for when you want to improve your self-esteem quickly.

Getting a Pico Laser Facial Could Improve Your Career

According to a theory called the Halo Effect, people automatically assume good things about you if you’re attractive. Looking attractive, therefore, makes other people believe that you’re also smart and capable.

Getting a laser facial at BSG to look more attractive is a solid investment in your career. When your colleagues and bosses look at you, they will see the kind of person who deserves more responsibility, fast promotions, and bigger paychecks.

Considering that most men start developing fine lines and wrinkles by the time they reach 30, it makes sense for you to start getting laser facials as early in your career as possible.

A Pico Laser Facial Can Cover Old Acne Damage

Acerca de 80% of people between 11 and 30 experience acne at least once. For most teenagers, the acne clears as they age and they never have to worry about it again. Acne causes lifelong damage for some people, though.

If you had severe acne when you were younger, then you may have experienced cysts that ran under your skin, causing pain, swelling, and redness. Unfortunately, cysts can also cause scars that stick with you for decades. You assume that you’ll outgrow the problem, but it stays with you through life.

A laser facial from BSG can reduce the appearance of those acne scars that have been bothering you for more than a decade. You can try all the scar creams in the world, but they won’t give you results like a Pico laser facial.

After your BSG laser facial, your skin will have a smoother texture. When you go to your high school reunion, you can smile and laugh with everyone else instead of feeling self-conscious. You might even hook up with a girl who wouldn’t date a “pizza face” back in the day.

Your Laser Facial Will Make You Look Great for the Holidays

For a week or so after your BSG laser facial treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight. Wearing a hat and sunscreen will help protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. The less sunlight that touches your skin, though, the faster your treatment area can replenish any lost skin cells.

A lot of people choose to get their Pico laser facials during fall, when the days are shorter. During the middle of August, the sun shines in L.A. for nearly 14 hours per day. By November, days shorten to about 10.5 hours of sunlight.

The shorter days will make it easier for you to get the best results from your laser facial.

As a bonus, you will look great when the holidays arrive. When you get together with your family and friends for the holiday season, you will have a fresh face that looks years younger than it did a couple of months ago. Everyone will comment on your skin’s smoothness and clear complexion.

Multiple Pico Laser Facials Will Keep You Looking Your Best

One Pico laser facial treatment at BSG will improve your complexion, reduce the appearance of lines, and give you a younger appearance. Your first laser facial, however, is just the beginning.

At BSG, we recommend getting monthly treatments. Over time, you will see that your Pico laser facials keep making you look better.

Semi-regular laser facial treatments will also keep you looking young as you age. Your skin will continue to produce less collagen and suffer from more damage over the next several decades. By committing to monthly Pico laser facial treatments, you can keep signs of aging at bay. While everyone else around you starts developing loose, sagging skin and deep wrinkles, you will age more slowly.

A laser facial at BSG only takes 20 minutes, so it doesn’t require much time. If you set aside 20 minutes per month, our doctors can keep you looking your best.

You may also qualify for a price break when you sign up for a package of laser facial treatments.

If you’re interested in saving money while looking amazing, you should also consider signing up for a BSG hair product protocol. The Sergeant’s Plan helps you save about $8 per month on shampoo, condition, and pomade.

A General’s plan lets you save about $17 per month on shampoo, conditions, and your choice of texture cream or pomade.

The Battalion’s Plan lets you save about $53 per month on BSG’s best hair care products.

You can make a significant change in your life today by using Pico laser facials to improve your looks.

Schedule a laser facial at BSG today so you can start seeing changes in your life. After just 20 minutes, you’ll have an essential tool for improving your appearance, confidence, relationships, and career.