How Advanced Robotic Hair Regeneration Works

Barber Surgeon’s Guild is proud to provide the most advanced hair restoration services and memberships available today. In order to deliver the best results, BSG utilizes a multi-disciplinary, pain and sedative-free approach. The main event: robotic Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is used in tandem with synchronistic treatments ensure an aesthetically pleasing look and a productive procedure with long term results.

“Robotic Hair Restoration with Regenerative Medicine is best to replace lost hairs, and then serial PRP and microneedling and/or low level laser therapy for ongoing maintenance to help slow down future hair loss.” – Dr. Justin Rome, BSG Founder

The day prior to your procedure, you will receive a complimentary hair cut from one of our Master Barbers to plan and discuss the desired hair style. This helps ensure a natural look and a seamless transition in the scalp as the new hairs begin to grow on their own, typically within 3 months. As with any clinical procedure, you should refrain from drinking and smoking before your appointment. Be sure to discuss any medications, particularly topical and dermatological medications used on the graft or donor site with your doctor when deciding appropriate preparation, treatment, and recovery plans.

Day of your procedure, you will have an in depth discussion of what the desired results are and the scalp is numbed to ensure a painless procedure. The robotic system is then used to isolate grafts from donor sites, discern their quality, and then individually insert them into pores after being enhanced with ATP to assist the graft’s growth upon implantation. After the FUE portion of the procedure is complete, the effected areas are treated with PRP micro-needling. This procedure works synchronously to help nourish the transplanted hair follicles as they take root in their new location.

To learn more about PRP – or platelet rich plasma- check out it here or to book a clinical PRP session on it’s own click here.

Due to the individual implantation and aesthetic design made to blend with your natural hair whorl,  the “doll hair plug” looks typical of outdated techniques is completely negated. Within a week of the procedure, the hair from the graft will naturally fall out, allowing the implanted follicles to start growing strands of hair, rooted in their new location. The hair will begin growing in the pores around three months after the procedure, and a dramatically fuller head of hair is typically seen around six months.

“With the high tech treatments we have now there is minimal downtime, one can get excellent and natural results, and no linear scarring like the old strip procedures.”  – Dr. Justin Rome, BSG Founder 

After a brief midday break in our private clinical offices, you will be sent on your way after thorough care instructions from your doctor. Once your new hair is growing, consider utilizing these tips to maintain hair shaft strength and encourage growth on your newly de-chromed dome:

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