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How Laser Facials Are Moving Beyond the Damage Caused by Peels

If you’re wondering why laser facials and other skin care treatments are becoming so popular, you only need to look at the statistics. Over 70% of Americans think people look better with tans, and Mitten d’Amour created a poll that found men love it when women wear more makeup. Why is this all true? Because tans and makeup cover our blemishes. So, before you go knocking guys who get facial treatments, slow your roll and keep reading.

Why Men Are Getting Facial Treatments

When famed fitness guru Gunnar Peterson gives recommendations on looking better, they include focusing on your core, improving your bicep curls and remembering to warm up before workouts. What you probably have never seen him mention, though, is getting a laser facial. The truth of the matter, though, is that these procedures can make you look better.

I mean come on – did you think guys were doing this because it made them sound more badass at the gym during their daily workout? Many of these procedures can minimize wrinkles, get rid of unsightly moles and even make acne scars disappear forever. You’re reading this article about laser facials right now, so don’t pretend that you’re too manly to consider it.

There’s nothing wrong with looking better. Although, we probably wouldn’t mention getting beauty procedures done while at the bar with the guys.

Traditional Methods and Their Dangers

If you’re asking yourself “what are laser facials” or “what’s a chemical peel,” then you’re already halfway convinced to have a facial treatment. Before doing so, however, you need to know all of your options along with their possible side effects. We’ll start with the chemical peel. We’re not starting with that because it’s better or worse – it just sounds cooler.

Chemical peels use – you guessed it – chemicals to remove the top layer of your skin. You’re probably thinking, “It can’t be as bad as it sounds.” Let me say it so you can hear it: YES IT CAN! Side effects can include several months of redness, infections, scarring and even damage to your liver, kidneys and heart. So, yeah… try to dodge that.

Laser facials, on the other hand, are a bit safer. After all, anything that’s not going to destroy your kidneys is a plus in our book. Unfortunately, aggressive laser treatments can still cause months of redness and swelling along with permanent scarring.

Benefits of Pico Laser FacialsLaser facials

Another possible risk to traditional laser facials is acne. While Paleo Leap suggests that your diet can minimize acne linked to a variety of causes, pico laser facials will reduce the likelihood of pimples taking over your face like a mass of invading mosquitoes.

You’re probably asking why pico laser facials are better than others, and as you probably already guessed, we’re going to tell you. To start off, there’s no blistering or peeling with the pico method. This means you can get right back to surfing, showing off your tattoos or whatever other random activity you use to attract the ladies.

On top of that, pico lasers go deeper into your skin – while remaining gentle – to ensure longer-lasting results. Best part? It’s not going to burn holes into your flesh like traditional lasers. We can’t help but see that as a benefit.