How To Grow Out Your Hair

Are you looking to change it up a bit for the winter months, grow out your hair and try out that beard you’ve been longing to try out? If you are done with short hair and have decided to let it grow long, then you have come to the right place! Have you done it a million times before? Great! Go enjoy that cool flow. Are you a long hair first-timer? Then you may need a little bit of guidance along the way.

What look are you going for?

This is going to depend a lot on what you are capable of doing with your hair. Not everyone can (or should) rock dreads, or a ponytail. Still, you have options. Do you want to get Jon Snow’s messy cascading locks, or are you going all out à la MacGruber and his mullet? These are essential questions, and you need a vision of what you ultimately want to look like, if you’re going to survive that awkward in-between phase.

Get a haircut

This might seem like a counterintuitive step, but you are going to want to check in with a hair stylist every 8-12 weeks. Let him or her know what you are aiming for during your first appointment, to make sure you are both on the same page. Do specify that you want long hair, lest the stylist take too much off and send you straight back to square one.

Why do you need a haircut? Well, those split ends need to be taken care of regularly, for one thing. Even more importantly, your hair grows roughly at the same pace across your whole scalp. No big deal, you say? Actually, it is. If you start from very short hair, and all your hair starts shooting out at the same speed, the hairs from the top of your head are never going to catch up to the ones starting at the back of your head. This is going to create big gaps in where the bottom of your hair hangs in the air, like a weird hair staircase. Luckily, your hair stylist can help you regulate that whole process.

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Don’t shampoo too often

Anything that assaults your hair, like hot water and shampoo, will get rid of the natural oils that help keep your hair in shape, which in turn speeds up the creation of split ends and generally damages your hair. On top of that, the extra maintenance necessary due to that damage will slow down the process of growing your hair out. It’s an easy fix: stop washing your hair every day. Wash it every other day, or every third day, in cold water if you can handle it. Avoid blow drying, too. At first, it might feel greasy, but that will disappear as your hair becomes healthy and learn not to overproduce oil. Call to action to BSG product- “If you are going to shampoo make sure to use the BSG shampoo, clinically developed… “ Will get info on products.


Don’t wear your hair up all the time, or invest in a dent-free hair tie. Massaging your scalp for five minutes every day is supposed to make your hair grow faster. If nothing else, it feels pretty good.

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