How to Properly Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

It’s no secret that men have always tried to maintain the youthful luster and volume of their hair to no avail. Many seek extreme measures to gain an edge on the sometimes inevitable process of hair loss. What if simply adjusting your daily shampoo routine could lead to a better head of hair?

We consulted with our Master Barber Frances to nail down best practices for the ideal male hair care regimen.

Know Your Hair Type

Yes, there is a wrong way to condition your hair. Identify if your hair is naturally oily or dry. If you have a dry scalp you should condition the roots of the hair for several minutes before rinsing. If you have oily hair should condition less often avoiding their roots.

Lather it up

Make sure your fingertips touch the scalp and give yourself a nice scrub. This helps stimulate blood circulation which keeps hair healthy as well as dislodges any product residue which helps keep the scalp fresh and healthy. Rinse completely.


Conditioner is typically applied with a focus on the ends of the hair. At the shampoo bowl, done by a stylist, the conditioning treatment typically involves a scalp massage using the palms of the hands. At home this is not necessary.

Rinse with cool water

Do not use hot water on hair, it dries out hair and causes breakage. A cool rinse is a great way to pacify the cuticle and ensure your hair is ready to be styled after it is towel dried.