Q&A With Greg Pawlisa

Born and raised in Southern California, Greg constantly sought out new and exciting challenges. In 2009 Greg left the sunny skies and warm weather behind for the bright lights and high energy of Manhattan, NY. A modern day renaissance man, Greg is an engineer, inventor, artist, film maker, salesman, marketer, investor and philanthropist. Greg has over 18 years experience working with multiple startups and small businesses ranging from telecommunications, medical devices, men’s aesthetics, fashion and restaurants. A true jack of all trades with a pulse on the modern business world.

What gives you the most pride in the work that you do?

I’m the most proud If I can make a positive impact in a person life by helping them feel better about themselves.  Any person that I interact with, being it professional or personal, I want them to walk away feeling more confident, more secure and most importantly happier.  At BSG, my goal is to create happier people.  Happier people make the world better!

What’s your grooming routine?

I go with the seasons.  From Fall-Spring I grow a beard.  This keeps my face warm.  I use beard oils and balms to keep my beard and mustache soft and my skin moisturized.  During the warmer months I tend to keep a shaved or stubble look.  This keeps me cooler when the heat turns up!  I wash and exfoliate my face everyday and always wearing sunscreen!

How would you describe your style and why do you choose that look?

My style is a mix between LA and NYC.  I grew up in SoCal and adopted the laid back style.  Upon moving to NYC I had to adopt to the changing seasons.  My style evolved into a hybrid of the two.  I ditched my flip flops and curated a large collection of shoes and suits.  But I’ll always keep my Vans!  I’m still most comfortable in t-shirt and jeans, but now I throw on a nice hat and camel overcoat to top it off.

What and who inspires you?

I’m inspired by everything.  From the beauty I see in nature, ocean sunsets to a densely covered forest in the mountains or the high rise city views of New York.  Art, music, tattoos, fashion, food and design.  People who take a stand for what they believe in, the modern hero’s who want a better world and to help others.  People like Ruben “Hurricane” Carter, MLK or Aubrey Marcus and Joe Rogan who spread and encourage knowledge.

What advice do you have for people who want to achieve success?

Take risk, fail, learn from it and improve.  Don’t let fear control your life.  It’s important to put yourself in situations that scare you.  This allows you to learn about yourself and what you’re really capable of as a person.  Success is born out of failure.  So go out and fail…and show yourself how great you can really be!