Reasons Why the Lumbersexual Look Isn’t Going Anywhere

In the last decade, a new look for men cropped up, and the trend spread like wildfire. The style was called lumbersexual, and it started among hipsters as a look that incorporated the cozy, durable comfort of lumberjacks and the tailored coiffing of “metrosexuals.”
While the lumbersexual was a look that many people thought would fade over time, it’s a style that has remained consistently popular—and one that, most likely, is going to be around for years to come.
Here’s why you should consider taking elements of the lumbersexual look (or the whole thing) for your personal style, and why it’s aesthetic with staying power.

So, What Is the Lumbersexual Look?

A lumbersexual style incorporates the best parts of a lumberjack’s wardrobe with more refined elements of a high fashion look. The staples of a lumbersexual aesthetic include flannel shirts, bushy but coiffed beards and sideburns, fitted jeans, and fashionable boots that could be worn on a date or on a dairy. Many lumbersexuals have long hair that they take good care of, and they still sometimes wear man buns (even if that part of the look may be on the way out!)
If you’re not sure what the lumbersexual look is, check out the lumbersexual Instagram account, which is run by (and features) an unnamed lumbersexual himself. You can also take a look at Chris John Millington’s Instagram for an example of someone who has mastered the lumbersexual aesthetic.

Why Does the Lumbersexual Look Have Staying Power?

The lumbersexual style arose as people began to eschew the idea of a 9 to 5 job—both as remote workplaces arose and during the financial recession of 2008, when many, many people were laid off and faced newfound professional freedom.
Men could embrace comfort and clothing for outdoor activities, rather than items that were appropriate for a corporate office. As the agile workforce continues to grow, more and more people will have the chance to embrace a tailored comfortable look that is still appropriate for a video conference call or interview, rather than one that is buttoned up. This helps ensure that the lumbersexual look is going to be around for a good, long while.
Also, the style marks a new consciousness about the environment and being eco-friendly. As concerns about global warming and the need to protect the planet continue to grow, the popularity of an aesthetic that reflects a passion for the outdoors will most likely expand and flourish.
Finally, the lumbersexual look has also had a pervasive effect on popular culture. As the popularity of an outdoorsy style expanded, so too did parallel interests. Today, more people than ever listen to country and folksy pop music. People are interested in craft beer brewed in small, local breweries. Communities and restaurants are focused on sustainable, organic foods grown or farmed in a small, nearby geographic vicinity. And, shopping at small farmers markets or artisanal boutiques is now in vogue, rather than large chain supermarkets or grocery stores.
Since the lumbersexual style is reflected in the society around it, there’s a likely chance it will maintain relevance for years to come.

Get the Lumbersexual Look

Are you ready to try out a lumbersexual look on your own? Start with your facial hair. Barber Surgeons Guild can help you trim your beard so it’s neat and stylish but still lumberjack-ish. Get in touch with us today to schedule a beard trim.
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