Social Media do’s and don’ts in ever-changing digital territory

Do capitalize on the benefits of social media. Don’t allow social media to distract from social time. Honor those in your immediate vicinity with your presence and attention.

Do use hashtags. Don’t make them the first comment of your post… Tag your media later in your post, so more conversational writing can catch your audience’s eye.

Do use social media as a powerful tool to curate your interests and connect with those around you. Don’t be shy about reaching out to tell those who inspire and drive you, and letting them know what content you enjoy most and would like to see more of.

Do be aware of your speech, written and otherwise while online. Don’t let your 2032 political run suffer because you deemed someone worthy of an exquisite telling off over Xbox live.

Do be aware on some platforms people can view the posts you’ve “liked.” Don’t hesitate to create a personal and professional account so that you can keep your interests separate.

Do use the private browser for any personal or health related online searches and don’t forget to exit out of open browsing windows before moving on with your day.

Do slide into DMs and introduce yourself to individuals you’d like to converse with IRL (in real life.) Don’t assume anyone wants to be private messaged racy content of any kind out of the blue. Be straight forward and respectful about your intentions for the type of interaction you would like to have. 

Do be equitable in photo-taking duty with your friends. Don’t be scared of your inner artist. Get creative and get that shot!

Do block or mute posts from exes and recurring naysayers. Don’t allow anyone who has the potential to bring you doubt access to your casual and curated browsing platforms. If you need to stay in touch, or want to check up on them, make yourself search for it.

Do say your piece and stand up for what you believe in, but don’t go down the troll hole. Engage in respectful discourse, leaving space for others to speak. Avoid reiterating and ranting.

Do tag, review, and share local and small businesses you enjoy being a patron of. Don’t give free publicity to corporations that don’t pour money back into your local community or give to charities and causes your have thoroughly researched and wish to advocate for or support.

Do be aware that on Instagram you can see when someone has viewed your story, but don’t worry- they can not see how many times you have viewed it.

Do show and share your achievements, improvements, and goals. Don’t be afraid of inspiring others with your own sparkle and shine.

Do use curate your feed to inspire and drive you. Don’t get in the habit of comparing the totality of your experience to someone else’s filtered advertisement of their reality.