The Art of Shaving: 4 Reasons to Get a Full-Treatment Shave

On the art of shaving and haircuts, male grooming influencer, Robin James tells us, “Any good hairstyle always starts with a great haircut.”

Sure, you can shave at home, but you’ll never get the precise, clean, and close shave that a straight razor shave at the barber can give you.

If you’re willing to invest a little extra in yourself—and why not?—then you can learn that the finer things in life actually do make you happy.

Art of Shaving

Top Reasons to Consider the Art of Shaving

1. To experience luxury

What do you consider a luxurious experience? The truth is, “luxury” doesn’t have to mean expensive. Even our popular hot towel shave combination goes for the price of what you might pay for two nice meals, solo. Except it lasts much longer than just two nights!

When you go in for the full treatment, you don’t just get the cut—you can have the pampering, too. We use the best oils, tinctures, and moisturizers in the world, to ensure a healthy, rested feeling.

In his tips for grooming, male blogger Carl Thompson reminds his readers that “decent beard oils” prevent itchiness, and he recommends those with oatmeal, aloe, chamomile and jojoba oil.

2. To get grooming tips you wouldn’t get anywhere else

Because our stylists are experts in their craft, you can learn a lot from your regular visits. Things such as how to groom yourself so that your bets features stand out, how to care for your grooming tools, and how to perfect the art of shaving at home.

You get not just a signature haircut, but a complete consultation with a master barber.

What can you expect to learn? How to style your hair in a way that brings out your best features, the direction, and density of your hair growth, and talk about what you expect when you walk out of the store.

3. To get the health benefits for your scalp and hairArt of Shaving

External conditions can mess up your body’s natural performance. Stressful lifestyles, cold weather, or a recent breakup all take their toll on your body. Did you know that this can also affect hair growth?

When you come in for an artistic shaving session, you get the scalp treatments as well. There’s hair restoration shampoo, and top quality beard grooming products. If you experience dry scalp or dandruff but haven’t had any success with home treatments, head to your barber to get it done right.

4. To prep your skin—before and after

When you shave yourself at home, chances are you’re in a hurry. If done first thing in the morning, it can get a little routine, and pretty rushed.

When you get the full treatment shave, however, you’ll get the full attention and time, too.

“Men have different skin today. We use moisturizers and stay inside in the air conditioning – our skin is more sensitive,” says master barber Lee David Stephens.

Due to the toxins all around us every day, our demanding jobs, and the city pollution we face at work, the skin gets worn and tired. A full treatment shave considers the skin factor, too. Using the oils mentioned above, and natural moisturizing treatments, you experience the full benefits of skin care.

Ready to rock your new hairstyle and pamper yourself? Visit BSG today, learn about the best men’s grooming products, and book an appointment and get to know your new best friends.