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The Evolution of Tattoo Removal and Why Now Is the Time for Treatment

If you’re in the market for tattoo removal, you’ve likely come across a procedure called PicoSure®. Maybe you lost a bet and got a tattoo of Jaden Smith. Maybe you had temporary dementia and inked yourself with your former crazy significant other’s name. Either way, PicoSure® laser removal is the way to go. Since you’re here anyway, though, you might as well learn the history of tattoo removal and how we got where we are today.

Steve-O is infamous for getting a tattoo of himself.

Way, Way Back in the Day

Of all the adventurous travel destinations on your bucket list, many of them likely have a history of tattoos and their removal. Unfortunately, the tattoo artists in the 6th century weren’t as caring as Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy – who got Rihanna to walk around with a tattoo stenciled on her arm before making the permanent marks. When you asked really old school artists for a tattoo, it was happening immediately.

Unfortunately, removal wasn’t nearly as quick. During the 6th century, tattoo removal instructions included cleaning the “stigmata” with resin of terebinth and niter. No – we have no clue what these ingredients are – but you can surely Google them if you’re motivated. The important point to remember is that these were essentially witch doctor treatments that didn’t work.

The Renaissance of Tattoo Removal

If you were searching to find multiple ways to remove a tattoo, texts from the 17th and 18th centuries would give you the most hope. Keep in mind, though, that having a bunch of options to choose from doesn’t mean you’ll get rid of that drunken holiday tattoo.

Pirates, societies in the New World and indigenous populations around the world were getting tattoos like wildfire. Unlike our modern mistakes, though, these people could be killed for their ink. Yeah – seriously. Instead of doing this, though, a New World explorer described trying “a hundred remedies” to remove tattoos from Native American children.

These methods likely included scraping the tattoo, stretching the skin and even chemical burns. Unfortunately, these pricks didn’t specify which “hundred remedies” they tried, so we probably had to try them all over again. Scarily enough, some new methods are just as ineffective, so check out our services at the Barber Surgeons Guild to get it right the first time.

Modern Tattoo Removal

Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena is at the forefront of the “micro tattoo” trend – which includes tiny tattoos that are barely visible and likely never need to be removed. If you went all out in the size department, though, you’ll be looking at modern methodPicosure laser tattoo removals for removing that ink. And if this isn’t the first article you’ve ever read about it, you probably know a few already.

Unfortunately, you likely won’t enjoy many of these options:

  • Excision: Literally cutting out the tattoo then stretching the skin together.
  • Dermabrasion: Rubbing the hell out of that thing until your skin is bleeding and – well – destroyed.
  • Salabration: Literally the same thing as dermabrasion – except you apply saltwater first.

Then came lasers – because we’re merely pansies compared to our tattoo removal forefathers. Either way, they worked better. The newest laser tattooremoval technology, though, is known as PicoSure®.

Compared to traditional laser removal, PicoSure® can treat any skin tone, multi-color tattoos and the darkest of black inks.

Additionally, PicoSure® may require up to eight fewer sessions than traditional laser tattoo removal. While it’s not quite as badass as ripping the flesh off your arm and stretching the skin back over the bone and muscle, it certainly hurts a lot less.

Want a Lack of Mutilation? You Want PicoSure®

We all make mistakes in life. Stupid mistakes. Really, really stupid mistakes. Fortunately, PicoSure® laser tattoo removal means you can at least destroy the evidence. Whether you want to fade your former ink to have it easily covered or trick your new girl’s parents into thinking you were never dumb enough for a face tattoo, the professionals at Barber Surgeons Guild can help. Check out our laser tattoo removal service and contact us today!